Why Republicans R Racists…


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Last week I wrote about White Privilege in Connecticut  you know the home of the NE Ivy White Democrats but now that Donald J. Trump is POTUS I want to focus in on how Republicans are Racists…

Stephen Curry is upset with Under Armour and other black celebrities because their CEO supports Trump. Does Stephen Curry support Obama and Hillary Clinton because they supported Margaret Sanger’s black holocaust Planned Parenthood and their predetermined extermination of black babies? LifeNews and LifeNews

It isn’t the white Republicans condoning these quotes but rather Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton and well, Obama never cared about America thanks to his special upbringing and of course his whitish CIA Ivy League education. I don’t know many Republicans who run in the Poison Ivy League circle but there are a lot of white Democrats, so who are the racists.

  • We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.
  • Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.
  • We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.
  • I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • They are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born. Organized charity itself is the symptom of a malignant social disease…Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks [of people] that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant.

Has Stephen Curry and Martellus Bennett ever heard this info before or do they rely on Gov’t sponsored MSM media and faux gov’t education? I hold no ill will toward these great athletes but I’m trying to figure out why the Republicans are the bad guys. If it wasn’t for the Republicans the Civil Rights amendment wouldn’t have passed and the southern slaves wouldn’t have ever been freed because of white male democrats like LBJ, Al Gore Sr. and Robert ‘KKK’ Byrd, hell the DNC controlled media gets an A++ for all their revisionist history.

KlanBake – A DNC sponsored event at Madison Square Gardens…isn’t NYC controlled by Democrats???

Perhaps I’m wrong as I’m not perfect, I like other cultures but prefer my own while I slowly acclimate to not so much European but Asian, African and Latin cultures but after a short while I’d like to think I bring more love and goodwill to the table than the illwill our gov’t (all gov’t) has imposed on other cultures as I love all people…just not (UN/EU/USA) bureaucrats and elitists.

Most self-educated people see this, but the worst crimes occur by like minded and cultured people who prey upon their own kind but once we can escape this ignorance we all see that people are people no matter where they come from. It is gov’t and the elitists that cause the turmoil, hatred and animosity and purposely segregate us as they are the first to profit and last time I checked Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League didn’t look kindly on Republicans/Libertarians.

Yet despite this obvious fact Blacks and Latinos vote in droves for Democrats continuously and I find that it defies logic and the false racist label as tired and ignorant. Yes, let’s vote for another Planned Parenthood branch in the Democrat control inner city as the DNC party controls all the major cities and own their violence and poor educational systems they purposely designed to create generational dependency for governmental power but continue to blame Republicans for racism, at this point, sadly it is comical. (Detroit, Baltimore, Philly, Kansas City, St. Louis, LA, NY, Atlanta, Memphis, Seattle, SF, Denver, etc all controlled by the DNC and full of violence and poor educational systems…by design).

Again, it isn’t the Republicans who supported any of these policies yet they get the blame. The White Democrats have tirelessly tried to make Margaret Sanger a Saint for her minority murderous ideas, not the White Republicans who freed the southern blacks, not once but twice (1860’s and the 1960’s), which is lost in our fake history by our fake news outlets and pathetic DNC Unionized controlled schools.

Real Republicans can’t win because the game is rigged. Trump is different as he is indifferent to color and politics and really isn’t a Republican or Democrat (Unlike Jeb Bush, Clinton, Kasich, Rubio, Sanders, etc you know the NWO types like Angela Merkel who are paid well to create Hell on Earth). Please people wake up to the truth which honestly is very hard to find. I only hope this post helps MAGA…

America is Great because of the people, obviously not because of our Gov’t. Do not snuff us out as we are still a beacon of hope and light and haven’t yet been ruined unlike the EU but we aren’t far off because of elitist Poison Ivy league policies who would love to turn the USA back to the dark ages.

I’d also like to point out that the EU is ran by white monarchies who stole their fellow people’s land because they said they had a right to it because of their  (God) self appointed & avowed privilege, kind of like the Vatican…these oppressed people then fled to the open land of America to make their fortune which has its own tumultuous history of conquest of lies and deception thanks to the European influence, just like all other cultures and conquests including the first arrivals. Are we perfect, No, but apparently the USA culture is the only one who bears this sinful cross thanks to the media and our corrupt educational system. In our day and age history is lost and we only live in the present, and with humankind none of it is pretty, please just don’t pick and choose what suites your agenda.






White Privilege in Connecticut


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Earlier this week I noticed in the ‘headlines’ provided to the American sheep on the Internet that White Privilege was the hot topic, especially in uber white Westport, Connecticut.

White privilege is obviously a hot topic because all white people are obviously evil. You have big white DNC donor Mark Zuckerberg stealing Hawaiian people’s land via legal fiat. He has since backed off not out of remorse but because of bad PR. Obviously Donald J. Trump is white so he his bad, Bill Clinton is good, racist LBJ is good and let’s not for Jimmy Carter but the Bushes are bad and well, most conservative whites would agree if the Bush’s families history is ever truly revealed. So why are some whites labeled as bad and others good, just like other races with their upstanding morals? Why do the white Poison Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge, Monarchy class get a free ride of protection by the same UN they created? Isn’t the protected people all white who look out and screw the unfortunate yet their sycophants can’t see the forest for the trees? Why aren’t Asians and Africans calling them out? Didn’t these same privileged whites create Mao and Pol Pot in France and England at University, did these white monarchs not do this for their own long-term profits?

Unknown to the world, the average middle American white person would agree to this as their families never screwed anyone over and they hate all politicians and most are good hearted people and are exceptional individuals, just like 99% of rural America, completely opposite to the untrustworthy NE political class, similar to their English family counterparts who are trained at the finest institutions (Poison Ivy League, Oxford, Cambridge) to be superficial assholes and use their political and legal connections to fuck over proper society for their societal advantages. This is why the UN is the uber asshole club and they fully support their terrible legal endeavors to profit on their own without legal consequences.

In a nutshell we know the whites of the Ivy League/oxford/cambridge are not knights but rather rats and we hate and distrust them all, but the UN attracts the worst of the worst.

If I was to write an essay on White people I’d give you my dirty dozen:

  1. Margaret Sanger (DNC and Hitler fan) wants to rid the word of blackness via Planned Parenthood. I’ve never understood why blacks are hellbent on supporting an organization (DNC) that murders them daily? Financial kickbacks? George Soros style traitors to the cause? The upper blacks even supported Margaret for these reasons, just like George Soros supported Nazis stealing from Jews. Traitors exist amongst us all…
  2. White people created the IRS via England banks. All coloured people should hate the IRS, including the opaque whites but in reality we should just all hate the British.Not that the 16th or 17th amendment was ever past but if it was it was done by white guys and supported by the white press. White people suck…bigly
  3. Inclusive to #2 I find it ironic that Prince Harry doesn’t like Donald Trump because of his supposed human rights violations. The British royals and American Poison Ivy League Scions talking about human rights is akin to Satan supporting the truth. The The whole ME mess is a British and France elitist fiasco done to help their big corporations. The Americans got caught in this financial fiasco after WWII and further more helping the French in IndoChina (Vietnam) because a bunch of cocksucker university pricks from the NE thought it was a good idea. The City of London and their Monarchy overlords should have multiple chapters in our textbooks but they are conveniently left out, now ask yourself why. Why is the City of London, DC and the Vatican their own independent sovereigns? The Internet is a wonderful thing…Prince Harry, I actually like you and your brother and I shouldn’t, but your dad is an uber an asshole, like Al Gore and the sheep of the world rightfully hate them both, but your mom was a gem who was murdered by those in the known (like your freakish dad, Prince Charles). If you really hate Donald Trump you might want to give back the Crown’s ill begotten  corporate gains to the people but that might open up a real can of worms to us mere sheep. Please don’t get all high and mighty about ‘human’ rights as your reign and your kin’s across Europe is numbered which is long overdue.
  4. Whites killed other whites in Europe for a very long time.
  5. Native American killed Native Americans and Asians killed Asians and Africans killed Africans before the Whitey ever saw them but whites are the bad guys.
  6. Whites suck, so do all the other races
  7. White over educated and anti-intellectual professors blame whites for all the world’s ills because that is what they are paid to preach, the sad part is they are all retarded and should be on disability and live in their parent’s basements
  8. Whites Progressive leftist experts like to claim Muslims discovered the number zero in the name of diversity; however, the number was discovered in either Persia or India before the first pedophile DNC pizzagate member Muhammad was even born so Islam is irrelevant in the conversation. On a side note great job to the long dead person who discovered zero, now our professors are idiots and the brightest work at Jimmy Johns.
  9. White is a racist color
  10. If you have to blame someone the MSM says blame white middle America for what progressive White’s on the Leftist coasts implement.
  11. NE liberal whites can’t change a tire – an awesome complaint
  12. White liberal women teacher rapes young men in high school on a weekly basis and stays in jail for weeks while a white male sleeps with a student and goes away for 20 years. So much for equality.

I’m not going to disagree that white people suck, only because all people suck. Our white government like your non-white government sucks. Our government like your government profits by only putting the top most corrupt people in power. If you have ethics then you’ll never reach the top of the corruption pyramid, known as government. This has been the MO from day one. The less morals you have the higher you climb.

To the people of the world, I love you all, cultural/religion be damned. If we all met on the street we’d get along just fine, it is the warmongers, the government profiteers who don’t want us to hug. Let us all wake up to how we’ve been manipulated and rejoice in drink and song.

To a new world without a centralized corrupt State where warmongering sycophants (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) can’t create Hell on Earth but rather a world were people come before the select MIC (Military Industrial Corporate) profits. I’m not a socialist but I hate gov’t favours. The World’s people could be peaceful if gov’t didn’t stand in the way but that would be bad for business.

Think about it,

Good Night/Dobru Nocs


Are Leftists Vampires or Dorian Gray?


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I’m not a leftist, I despise the State and all her machinations. The left likes to say fascism is a right wing ideology but its only comparison is communism, not fair at all. In reality both ideologies want to control the State to control the land to eventually fully control and exploit the Sheep into perpetual servitude. In leftists circles Hitler is the number one demon but Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao are the top three angels, which is odd because only Pol Pot killed less but given time and population I’m sure he would have exceeded Hitler’s totals.

For us Conservatives and Libertarians the truth of the matter is we hate all these guys but the left loves at least three, in secret they really like Hitler too because him and Margaret Sanger could have been intellectual lovers, then again Sanger would have shagged them all because of her love of death and blood. Think about it, the left loves and defends abortion for minorities like the Vatican loves and defends communion and pedophile priests (I didn’t say Catholics so settle down, just the greedy Vatican).

So how I’m I connecting Margaret Sanger and her leftist ideologues and the Vatican? They have more in common than on the surface one would think, like Socialism and controlling people and property, after all that is what people and organization always strive to do and yes I consider the Vatican to be…a leftist fascist organization…

So are leftists vampires or Dorian Gray? I’d like to say vampires because they can’t see their reflection in the mirror as most if not all are hypocrites who live lives of contradiction. As Peter Schweizer points out in Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles of Liberal Hypocricy these people say one thing to influence the masses but then do the opposite in their daily lives. Why are Planned Parenthood branches scattered throughout Democrat controlled minority dominated housing complexes? Democrats, especially whites,  profess to love minorities but live in gated communities yet daily they extort them in their neighborhoods buy subsidizing housing owned by white political donors, creating very crappy schools ironically by accident based on their psychotic beliefs, over policing so sons and daughters don’t have dads (liberal lawyers also profit) and then killing their unborn as icing on the cake.

Do liberals not like their reflection in the mirror? I actually don’t think they have a problem with their reflection because they couldn’t see the forest for the trees if it bit them in the ass live on CNN, but in reality the problem is they think they are eternally beautiful despite their perpetual scorched Earth policies against all decent people of this World.

This isn’t surprising and is easily observable in their self-congratulating closed societies when group-think  is the only ‘Al Franken’ daily affirmation in their lives. Just observe how the Poison Ivy League, DC, Brussels, UN, Cambridge and Oxford elitist expert class presents their daily deathly global decrees without remorse and then fail to simply apologize with a ‘we are sorry’ when the Faberge Egg they envisioned shatters into a million pieces. These people know they are the best of the best only because the media, their entourage and fellow travelers constantly tell them so, yet these constant and daily false reassurances only serve to temporarily distract them from their aging self portraits they conveniently choose to ignore. These people can’t stand to be alone because when they are, they are forced to reflect upon the ugliness they have imposed not just upon themselves but also upon the World.

God Bless,




Literal Obliviousness

But I thought the atheists were nicer than the Nazis. Another Great post the leftists will ignore

The Kakistocracy

In 1918 Russia, leftist Bolsheviks conducted a campaign of murder so vast and depraved that media and entertainment organs committed themselves to forever shielding the public from its horror. The Red Terror was a starburst of logical conclusion liberalism that has persistently evaded capture in American museum dedications and feature films. Though this omission was certainly not from a lack of enthusiasm. Of its many publicly-mute recountings I thought Wiki’s entry captured the spirit of the occasion well. Please do read it all.

At Odessa the Cheka tied White officers to planks and slowly fed them into furnaces or tanks of boiling water; in Kharkiv, scalpings and hand-flayings were commonplace: the skin was peeled off victims’ hands to produce “gloves”; the Voronezh Cheka rolled naked people around in barrels studded internally with nails; victims were crucified or stoned to death at Dnipropetrovsk; the Cheka at Kremenchuk impaled members of the…

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Never Look a Gay Mexican in the Mouth

The Kakistocracy

For a few years in the bloom of youth a crew of us would periodically attend a local NFL home game. The point of which being much less to exhort the efforts of African mercenaries than to leer at cheerleaders and enjoy the camaraderie of drunken bullshitting. Though there was one game when even those pleasant diversions seemed insufficient, and so we trooped out of the stands looking for misadventure.

One of our party suggested the day would be a complete loss if the second half were to commence without our viewing it from one of the stadium’s lavish luxury boxes. We all agreed that was certainly the case, with the only acknowledged impediment being our lack of box-seat credentials–and that wasn’t impediment enough.

So we slipped past a disinterested guard on the mezzanine and made our way to a stately row of locked doorways. About to either give up…

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Wake Up

People, please wake up that gov’t isn’t the answer. The whole point of this website is to tell you work will not set you free and that taxes on labor is the just wrong on so many levels. Just wake up and know you’ve been lied to and that gov’t schooling is just a reinforcement of a terrible idea of conformity to a corrupt state ran by a few individuals.

Unfortunately the US is ran by the same assholes who run the EU and the UN and when war is wanted that is what they get. The people have long been ignored since Reagan but Donald Trump is different and we all hope for a peaceful world unlike what is preached by the monarchy of the UK and the Vatican who have long profited off of conflict.

It is time to wake to the realities of the modern world and not those of past outdated right of ownership of monarchies and religious institutions who profit off of conflict. Brexit is great and so  is DJT and the world is awaking to the fact how you have screwed us over via the media and schools. The next few years will be interesting for the sub servant class as we decide how to handle your treachery.


DJT POTUS Leadership 2017

On Friday, January 20th, we got a doer, not a puppet. We finally got a person who cares not for the opinion of the press and NE Establishment Class but a guy who gets things done.

Is DJT  a populist movement politician like Teddy Roosevelt, absolutely but he is guy who is part of the lower less monied Establishment class who gets things done, kind of  like Teddy who was part of the Establishment just like his politician hombre FDR who sold us all out.  I haven’t studied Donald John Trump but from what I gather he was of limited pedigreed money and influence, as far as money goes, and went to the finest schools but was always an outsider. The caveat until now though was his classmates were of old European criminal class money and shunned him. He was but a small player at the time but decided to make his mark and territory in New York, and now he wants to make his mark on the World and exact his revenge on those incestual clicks from those PoisonIvyLeague years who are aligned to the British Crown.

Because of his past connections I don’t fully trust him but at the same time I do, yet considering how much the MSM media hates him, I think he will get the job done at the expense of his enemies. I think you have to remember there won’t be the privileged Ivy League criminal class Bushes, the compromised Clintons or the unknown Harvard CIA constructed Obamas who get in his way, but rather a guy who the media and deep State conspired against who spoke to the American people and won, and I pray he won’t become the next JFK, thankfully technology works in our favour. He is also so great those powers that be can’t get squashed and the people now realize they have a a say.

DJT – Best of luck and do more good than harm unlike most of your past POTUS predecessors who sold out the people for the false sense of security.






It’s Never for Free

The Kakistocracy

The worst thing about freedom is other people having it. Most people aren’t sufficiently reflective to understand who they actually have in mind when offering another treacly tribute to liberty. Because every man is easy to convince of his own virtue, most freedom fighters will assert a principled universalism in their advocacy. I want more freedom for everyone.

Probably not.

When men sermonize for this, they almost invariably have themselves or those they sympathize with in mind as its beneficiaries. It’s a rare doctrinaire who urges more freedom for those they despise. Thus whether through cunning or just a lack of self-awareness, championing freedom is a common veil for expanding mine at the expense of yours.

Because liberty is just a socially acceptable range-of-movement. Consider it our sphere of latitude. Make everyone’s expansive enough and the aggressive will remorselessly encroach on the weak. Ultimately, total freedom is the freedom of…

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It is Time 4 War with the Russian Bear?


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I, the Bureaucraticslave @bureaucraticslv might actually be buying the lying liberal MSM fakenews reports that now is time for war with Russia. After all our 17 ‘intelligence’ agencies have all have pointed the finger at the Russian Bear. How do we know this? Well because Hillary said so a few months back and we know the (CIA)  Clintons, like Abe Lincoln, have never told a lie, then again the (CIA) Bushes…OK never mind. I also might add Angel Merkel is doing wonders in Germany for her people by terrorizing them with loving immigrants with varying cultural backgrounds.

Hear me out before you say no or that I’m crazy but I think the world might last a little longer if this war commences.. Today the lying liberal MSM, aka the Democrats/academia/The Intelligentsia/Elitists, are saying the Russians have damning intelligence that Trump watched prostitutes at hotel do some things and the FSB has the film, this is straight out of 007 film From Russia With Love.

Side note: Melania Trump is smoking hot and so was Daniela Bianchi in From Russia With Love, much more so than the man of a women known today as the first lady  Michelle/Michael.

Let me get back on point because Daniela is distracting, but Trump is going to drain the swamp (DC) by taking all the old war mongering profiteers who have done nothing but caused misery via confiscatory taxes on the populace to fight imaginary enemies and putting the ‘lower class’ on the front line to fight their wars, which now include Russia.

‘General’ Lindsey Graham, the effeminate Senator from South Carolina, is going to lead the Rainbow brigade know as Foggy Bottom who will carry the rainbow stars & bars flag proudly against the homophobic Russian Bear. His aide-de-camp and fellow CIA propagandist Anderson Cooper will be stationed just outside the front lines at a Ritz Carlton in Vilnius, Lithuania (I apologize a head of time for giving away your coordinates but when the taxpayers are on the hook for your excessive living conditions we need transparency). They will lead the Poison Ivy League Brigade of Globalist (Communists) to Squash Nationalistic Oppression and will work hand and hand with NATO’s  Brussels Brigade of Bureaucrats. Fortunately for us common folk, none of these self described significantly above average, mostly white, groupthink inspired, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter reassuring, mentality unstable bureaucrats and Ivy League graduates have ever read Napoleonic or WWII history.

General/Senator Graham’s friend and his fellow war mongering and profiteering buddy Senator/General John McCain will continue to work with the ‘moderate’ Islamic rebels created by MI6, NATO and the CIA known as Al-Qaeda, Al-Nursa, Al-MSM, Al-academia, Al-whatever on behalf of unsaid global corporate interests on the Southern front against Mother Russia and the son of bitch Assad who wouldn’t cooperate with Obama/globalists via Syria in Aleppo, oh wait that didn’t work out so well, so McCain’s location today is unknown but he’ll probably arm chair it from the safety of a gated community in Arizona.

The State Department will still utilize John Kerry’s (Lurch) Yale pure breed forged CIA pedigree papers (like the tainted Bushes) to work with the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to provide global (in)stability and not profit from said arms running actions. In the mean time Hillary’s server is still being looked for and is an Interpol and FBI High Priority Objective (HPO) that will be continuously overlooked to protect the self imposed monarchy class.  By the way Haiti is still suffering and will not be covered by the press even though Billions of dollars have been promised yet unspent by the CGI, this is akin to the UN troops yet again sexually assaulting the victims (they also don’t pay taxes…whores) of their predictable global fuck ups. When you see blue helmets run, as the saviour is far worse than the enemy.

As we speak, RINO Generals Graham and McCain are now encouraged to mobilize their geriatric DC troops who hate to fight wars themselves but are eager to send others in their place. As an American subject I encourage the rounding up of DC sheep and government reps to serve on the front line, why shouldn’t tyrants be first in line to fight? I think all Presidents, Senators and Representatives should put up their assets as collateral to fight the good fight against tyranny abroad, and lead us all into our fight against oppression they created. I might be willing to pick up the flag once they fall first…

Case and point, the Obama administration was the anti-thesis of transparency and our intelligence agencies learned from the best, blackmail first and then fill in the pieces as that is how you get to the top. Nobody asks because nobodies believes it but why does the Crown still exert so much influence over the supposed free American people. Why do our boys and girls continue to fight Northern European Protestant, Jewish, Islamic and Vatican Catholic Wars? Wars are nothing but profit for the few at the expense of the lower class thanks to media selling us all on the bullshit the owners refuse to fight for themselves. Then again there are exceptions and that would be those willing brainwashed sycophant NAZI Obama/Bush/Clinton Poison Ivy League youth who are the loudest who want this battle against aghast the Russian Nationalists so one day they can work for a government.

To Putin – the vast majority of America will patiently wait to see how this battle unfolds but this is how I see it going down. Ideally Russia will allow us Deplorables, and Trump will eagerly watch with agreement, to graciously allow us to take a timeout to re-access once our first wave of war wanting attackers (McCain, Graham, Ivy League and DC, Goldman Sachs, etc) are sacrificed in the global battle against homophobic tyranny in SW Russia as these lunatics once again ignore history and say this time it will be different, much as they always to when Europe attacks Russia. After a week we can meet at a nice place and have some drinks and acknowledge we all saved the world in a timely and efficient manner.

The End

The Bureaucratic Slave @bureaucraticslv

Donald Trump is the real deal

I can’t remember the last time I posted as I’ve been relying on my Twitter postings to gain followers. None of that matters really as I only post as it is cheaper than a pharmaceutical copay. I was on the TrumpTrain early on if you look at my posts, one because he wasn’t a Bush/Clinton insider and two because he spoke his mind, which Romney nor McCain could ever figure out. The damn ‘experts’ screwed them over but Trump said screw you, I’m my own man.

Is Donald Trump perfect, oh hell no, but he loves America which hasn’t been seen since Reagan. Globalism is dying with #Brexit and now Trump and Italy climbing on board and most of the EU countries who hate Brussels, which is all of them. It is interesting how the Goldman Sachs and PoisonIvyLeague along with Oxford and Cambridge are licking their wounds and they should be. The people are the power and now they are standing their ground. This is a good thing, as the common man no longer believes the lies of the government and her media #MSM allies. #Fakenews is the fun adaption of the #MSM #Fakenews gov’t propaganda arms coming to the realization that the Internet beat them to a pulp at their own game by a bunch of rebels, kind of like the Red Coats losing to a bunch of American farmers.

The real question though is with the advent of the Internet is government necessary? Multi-National Corporations run governments as they have a symbiotic relationship but both screw over 95% of the population, so are either of them necessary and do the large Corporations only exist because they bought government to protect their brands?

It is a Brave New World, so all you bureaucraticslaves it is time to arise up and throw off the shackles of enslavement and be free, no longer should labor be taxed, no longer should only the chosen few get all the benefits of gov’t decree.