Flags and Symbolism

This just came to me but I find how ironic it is and how people react.

  • The NAZI swastika is a terrible symbol of hate and it was stolen from the peaceful Buddhists.
  • The Confederate Flag is now a symbol of hate because a bunch of white democrat racists stole the Virginia Battle Flag for their own purpose to terrorize Republicans and Southern Blacks rather than State’s (rebel) rights vs. the Empire

Yet the Socialist #Antifa hate the same symbol they are allegedly fighting for, yet they want their own flag so an empire can rule over everyone, just like the hammer and sickle which were ironically agrarian capitalists/libertarian symbols of the individual over the State.

Unbeknownst to them because of their poor and designed government provided ‘free’ education they fail to realize that both the Socialists Fascist Nazis and their hated brother from another mother the Russian Communists were funded by the same Western people to see which system would control the most people and produce the the greatest wealth for the few. If they could read and comprehend then they’d realize that the pure capitalist Adam Smith and free market systems he wanted aren’t covered by our current nor any past agreements, as when gov’t is involved, the ‘Free Market’ ceases to exist and that is by design.

#Antifa is the culmination of people who are controlled by the the people they hate, but due to indoctrination by the Fascist State are so dumb they don’t know which way the sunrises nor sets and fail to realize they are just simple pawns in this game of chess.

God Help Us All

The #Bureaucraticslave



I Love Antifa

Antifa is today the greatest domestic political DC created terrorist group in the USA, similar to ISIS but they are supposedly only in the middle east and don’t operate domestically except in Dearborn and Minneapolis. It is very obvious to most Americans that Antifa is a gov’t creation of actors or stupid gov’t educated morons who have only the hope to get a Humanities degree and 20 years of student loan debt. The media is so bad these days even the lowest of the American society can realize how obvious the set up is to frame them for fake hate, think Charlottesville.

As an American I love this country and I’m sorry our Gov’t has stooped so low. Most Americans and foreign nationals, like everyone else on the planet, want to live their lives but our stupid corporate governments have other plans. America right now is evil but we are controlled and always been controlled by our European/UK masters. That was the point of our Civil War, European Debt Slavery, which was more viscous than actual slavery and has led to our leadership on all wars since to support European interests.

War is a Racket – Louis McFadden was killed and the Rabbit Hole runs deep, very deep if you care to look, but then they might call you a conspiracy theorists which in all honesty is the truth.

Hurricane Harvey

I just want all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey to know that we are all thinking of you. We aren’t all like the leftist progressive professor who was fired for his hateful rant but then again that is what progressives do, they hate. Progressives don’t know love, they just assume that Texas is a bad place, a place where people from all stripes get along an have for generations.

You see progressives aren’t about progress unless it is destroying the past to pretend life is perfect in the future under their perceived benevolent control. Funny how they never complain about gov’t largeness they so dearly love which caused all the past atrocities. In the Progressive perfect world Auschwitz should be destroyed because the past is bad and the Ford & Tides Foundation profited off both the fascists Nazis and Red Communists, or that the ‘peaceful’ globalist Rockefeller’s did as well under both causes (research that) and the rapist UN which whore away their resources but are never held contactable for their rapes and lack of taxes despite the Rockefeller’s land gift to the globalists at the UN. Whores…

What, the Fords and Rockefellers supported the destruction of Christians under the Bolsheviks and the Fascists and the MSM is silent, shocking. Now Confederate (State Right) statues need to be torn down under Trump but not Obama seems very (Soulless Soros) coordinated, yet nothing in Japan about statues. Perhpas the Rape of Nanking and their attack on Pearl Harbor which DC knew was coming are being torn down and Mao was a nice person in China yet educated in the West, he was but a corporate designed tool. War is a Racket.

Once you step back, graduate and take a breath you realize everything is fake that the MSM Western media is peddling and most of their history it false and then you can become your own person and that person is feared and loathed in DC because like the Bundy’s you are dangerous for thinking independently and the EU in Brussels fears the same, that their paper subjects in their member states who hate them and are ready to revolt.

Now that you are free be different and don’t conform to the masses. You have allies across the globe so be different, embrace your heritage and throw off the shackles of centralized conformity.


Trump & Turbulence in America

It has been almost 3 months since my last post, this is because I work and I’m lazy outside of work, I’m terrible at marketing my message with all my other commitments. In hindsight I should have been a progressive, as it is much easier to be lazy and post contradicting messages about my feelings and my actions and my perceived government indoctrinated intellect #Antifa. If you want to enjoy my limited messages on the Internet please go to http://www.bureaucraticslave.com/ for the next month or so as I’m hanging up my hat and will not be renewing but will still post to my WordPress account but if you want some really enlightened daily reading go to https://kakistocracyblog.wordpress.com/.  It is far more enlightening than anything the MSM fiction artists could ever create.

That being said I feel I now need to post about POTUS Trump. I supported Trump because he wasn’t crooked Hillary or low energy Jeb or any other Establishment fuck wad. Actually, him utterly destroying deep state Jeb and Hillary was awesome and that is why he is now a victim of the deep state witch hunt by Mueller and company, hell Google and Fakebook are striving to strip the web of real news that hurt their deep state alphabet agency funded (CIA/FBI/NSA/MI5/MI6/DoD empires and Mueller is one of them.

Trump isn’t eloquent in his speeches and I believe he unexpectedly won because the stack was against him but the people prevailed, as he wasn’t groomed at the fake elitist globalist’s universities to be a puppet politician like Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Mao, the current North Korea leader, Clinton or Obama, etc…people selected long ago by secret societies to lead the sheep by hook or crook. I believe Trump actually cares about American, unlike lying and fake McCain and Romney who were just puppets doing their job for the pretend corporate machine so we can believe we had a choice, and they profited greatly I’m sure.

Bill Clinton more than likely raped a feminist in the UK while in college and many more in the USA but the Internet Lords scrub it all and fake http://www.snopes.com makes up a fake stories to protect their icon. Legally it never happened because she/they were paid off  and the MSM won’t report on it because he is a pre-selected democrat, let alone all the others people close to the Clintons that have mysterious perished that the media remains silent on. This is ironically hilarious as all the feminists support a misogynist rapist with many victims yet on universities the obviously weak female sheep support the aggressor, white political donkey male which is a predator protected by the political and media Establishment…oh the hypocritical irony of progressives and fake feminists.

Again, I should be a democrat because causes, meanings and beliefs are hypocritical and part of a patriarchal white male racist society led by those we vote for (Damn, being a progressive is like being on acid). It is kind of like Planned Parenthood a place that supports women but is so biased it won’t publish statistics on their website whom they’ve helped. I want to know how many Black, Asian, Latina and White women who’ve been aided by their services but they are ashamed to put their statistics on their website, why?

Margaret Sanger , their founder, was a women who loved minorities so much she wanted them to die, just like the DNC party today who profits off the death and enslavement of black, white, Asian and Latina unborn babies. The party that claims to love minorities and women does everything they can to enslaves, yet profits off their misfortune (I wonder if Bill Clinton got them pregnant, he might have son). No wonder Donald Trump won the election, perhaps the the old school is dying and the exploited new arrivals see that what they left is no different than what they came to.

Perhaps it is all a sick joke, the Wall Street and City of London financiers and their soulless politician and University puppets play both sides, funding both the fascists and communists as there is no libertarians or mythical Utopian free markets, except in the self policed black market of honest criminals. Judges, Politicians, Prosecutors, and Mayors are all guilty of running the worst type of economy of exploitation, the people own nothing and owe everything to the corporate state enforced by the corporate police/army. The media won’t report on it but perhaps the puppet politicians and key individual are being blackmailed for their devious pizza acts. Actually, the courts are a sham as there is no government just corporate overlords with fake courts to rule on the less fortunate and send them off to corporate prisons for them to profit off their enslavement and labor, think the Shawshank Redemption.

Hell, everything we ‘learn’ is influenced by the marriage of the corporate & state and her overlords. It is so sad, a person who wants to go to a tiny off the grid lifestyle and the corporate state says no. Why? Because then they can’t be controlled and that is the purpose of taxes, health insurance, corporate schooling, work, etc. It is all designed to run a machine and we can’t have people living outside the Hegel created paradigm and don’t you dare question it or it all falls apart rather easily, like dominoes falling.

Earlier I mentioned how the financiers always profit then you need to read Smedley Butler’s War is Racket to understand all of today’s screwed up and crazy wars, hell most of the wars of past/present, weren’t about freedom but about money and control (often for drugs – (heroin and cocaine) for gov’t corporate benefactors (banking(CIA/FBI/DEA/MI6) – look up HSBC). To bring you into to modern times Wall Street and The City of London financed both the sides in WW1 and WW2 and all wars before and after and profited always no matter who won. Shit, most wars today aren’t meant to be won because it isn’t profitable (Korea/Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan). This was the point of the American Civil War, slavery had nothing to to do with it, but rather control through global financed banking for their interests. America and Western Europe gave Russia money and technology during the Communist Revolution because they funded it, hell they gave them technology during Vietnam to kill our own brothers and sisters, that is how medieval our political system truly is as our politicians are bought on the cheap. Someone has to profit and when they all do nothing changes…

Perhaps the gov’t history you were forced to learn wasn’t the true history at all…

Guillotines should be in fashion


Progressives have Castrated Men but the Men have Revolted


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I love this article from the Denver Post because it helps to reinforce the death of an outdated institution destroyed by Progressives. The men of this era may have said enough is enough and they have decided to say screw regressive thoughts and said we’ll plow our own road and make our own way without needless indoctrinated debt.


I went to college and I found it to be good to get a job 10-15 years ago because that is what was expected of me, but at the same time I found it boring, tedious, needless, insulting, a waste of time and full of of lies and false expectations, but this new crop of students are smarter and obviously have gotten online and read the reviews. Don’t go into needless debt and blow 150k for something you could get for $1.50 in late fees at the local library. 

School debt is part of the prescribed program to control you by Uncle Sam, the same Uncle Sam who steals 20-40% of your income from the local to the Federal level, that is right you are nothing but a slave to the USA Inc., so why waste the debt when on the Internet it is free.  This is ironic because Al Gore/Gov’t created the Internet so use it to your advantage to break your chains of slavery and convert them to avenues of freedom.

If you ever want to know the true purpose of gov’t indoctrination I highly recommend reading any thing from John Taylor Gatto, as he’ll open your eyes to why the world and government is what it is. In his books you’ll find out why the best people don’t run this country or any country, only those who are ethically challenged or who can be blackmailed for sins will be ‘selected to be elected’ to screw you over will be chosen to serve you. This is why the UN rapists or the pedophiles get ‘selected to be elected’ to Congress/EU (Dennis Hastert) and the Catholic Church priests still walk free, it is a select club and we aren’t invited nor do you want to be.

The BureaucraticSlave





Has The Donald made the World Right Again?


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The Donald appears to be making a difference but admittedly as a novice supporter it is hard to tell. I rooted for him mainly because he wasn’t a NWO globalist sellout like Clinton or a Bush or a Romney or a McCain and he has high energy and I believe actually loves America so in reality he was the only one to support in flyover country. I would have said Ted Cruz but he loves Goldman Sachs like all the other  selected politicians (except Trump of course), but that fibber admits it more because of his globalist wife (I mean his partner).

That being said it appear Trump is helping the MIC sell weapons to SA, but he has people that he needs to throw bones to so I get it, but now those backward folks are mad at Qatar because they have a bunch of natural gas and nicer buildings and better NYC marketing. I voted for The Donald because I was hoping to avoid stupid wars and it appears he wants to avoid war with Russia which is good, but he’ll let the ME go to hell. +1 point for that choice because, well they all hate each other and will kill for not much more than a grain of sand or 72 virgins who just lay there and say oh that is good, not much of a reward, let alone 72 of them complaining, the Devil is a sneaky bastard that is for sure.

Other than that, The Donald has played the MSM media and the NE Poison Ivy League Establishment like a fiddle, which is funny, though he may be part of their ploy so I’ll give it some time before I decide. I doubt it based of SNL skits, the covfefe memes, the outright hatred, lies, Russia Russia Russia, and staged CNN London killing media ops. Hell, Comey can’t even keep his story straight but all we know is Hillary didn’t have ‘intent’ because well he said so which makes his fictionalized story meaningless like most bureaucrats and politicians.  All those fibbers do is lie, because that is what the Poison Ivy League taught them to do, and then they all just protect the one party system we all pretend is a two party system staff by the same vermin.

At the end of the day, never trust the gov’t, that means the MSM, schools, universities, or any alphabet agency. Their contrived data and messages are shit and at the end of the day it is all bullshit and lies to deprive the average person of wealth, freedom and liberty. This just isn’t in America it is across the globe and their messages and lies would make Goebbles blush in solidarity but then again he was one of them. Fascism/Nazism/Communism didn’t die, it was just repackaged as democracy and freedom with what you think and have been led to believe is an actual choice with your meaningless vote.

The BureaucraticSlave

What a Messed Up World

I’m sitting here thinking that #pizzagate is crazy but then I think of Larry Craig and Dennis Hastert and these perverts got caught and then they fought it, which only proved their guilt further. These two are sick and like to mess with young boys but how many don’t get caught? Pizzagate is real in my opinion and encompasses most of DC. You don’t get elected to the ‘highest’ offices if others don’t have the goods on you, once you are caught then you have no value. Blackmail is the currency of DC, London, Brussels, etc. and the rest of us pay for their sins.

I’m an American so I’m ignorant but then think of the Brits and the BCC and their covering up of all the the sick crap like Jimmy Saville and the BBC, God only knows what else the monarchy covered up (Princess Di?) her husband is a creep but her boys seem to be statesmen but so the charade may go one, hopefully they want revenge. Heck, keep charging the sheep for their access to lies, no different than what they do in the USA…please give me more PBS and CNN.

Brussels and the EU, I’m sure that place is full of sickos that should be tried, hanged and quartered and that is why they are so desperate to a salvage the EU and their failures.  Anyone who abuses children are the worst of the worst but unfortunately it has happened for years, that is why the government has to continually covers it up, whether in the US or the EU, I only hope the Asian countries have more respect for their children as they’ll lead the world in the by the end of the 21st century and expose the UK, EU and USA politicians affinity for child atrocities. The sad thing is Mao, like Stalin was indoctrinated in the West.

As the World Turns…

What a Crazy Western World


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This crazy Ivory League professor is so dumb he doesn’t realize that the State he worships created those warriors who kill the ‘terrorists’ they also created who the people gave their seat up for. The MI6/5 and the CIA/FBI along with the State Department and others in Europe and the UK created ISIS for their own political and financial purposes. Funny how the person giving up their seat, the soldier and the idiot professor have never studied history, perhaps the Israelis might have been involved as ISIS who hates the Jews continue to mysteriously not attack them on a daily basis. Then again the World is not what it seems and the media plays their part of deception to perfection. Actually, I’m disgusted at the professor for being an idiot but then again I repeat myself. At least the soldier is brave yet naive in believing those giving him orders are helping humanity, yet I like the professor just sit behind a desk but I readily admit I’m a loser but the professor is oh so naive to his corrupt loyalties.

I love me a good conspiracy and these pics and comments only add to the intrigue. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4365662/FBI-pictures-reveal-aftermath-9-11-attack-Pentagon.html Funny how two airlines can take down two buildings like pancakes in NYC but the alleged hit on the Pentagon barely caused a dent the size of a dime and all the camera CCTV footage is no where to be seen. Global government fiction told to their subjects daily has more holes than Swiss Cheese but gets us all fired up to be patriotic while our gov’t masters laugh at us. It is ironic how governments like the USA, the Brits and the EU cause the conspiracies, that their people after a time, no longer believe and then begin to resent their self appointed masters. The best part of the article above is the gov’t paid Brits commenting but never realizing that Princess Di was killed by their employers (the UK monarchy) or do they but realize their personal debt is a millstone around their necks like the Americans and the rest of Europe so they just go along with the narrative because it is easier? I went to the The Tower of London some time ago and said that the ‘Crown’ Corp killed Princess Di and the poor Brit women behind me was aghast that I would bring this up but this shows how stupid the Western people are, the USA, UK, and most Europe. The Gov’t Corp has been killing people for a long time and using their subjects for their own ill purposes since before Christ.

Every two week I pay a tithe to a ‘Crown’ Corporation domiciled in the Puerto Rico because the ‘law’ says I have to, but what if the gov’t is a corporation then no judge can dictate anything and even if they do it means nothing. After all we, the USA are in Afghanistan on behest of our British/City of London masters for the heroin as it has killed more than the war has but unending wars are profitable and so is the drug trade….Vietnam perhaps??? I always thought that the ‘H’ in HSBC stood for Heroin and not Hong Kong.

The older I get the more curmudgeon I get and the less likely I am to believe the media and the government. Actually, after attending high school for two years it should become logically apparent that you should never believe either the government or the media because of the forced indoctrination but then they tell us how smart the Poison Ivy League, Oxford and Cambridge pedigreed folks are to our global well being. Funny how Parliament and the the US government are so connected and staffed by these wastelands of corruption and perhaps the terrible and disgusting acts of pedophilia (no wonder the Vatican and the Catholic church gets only a slap on the wrist).

In the End the Truth will come out on our supposed betters who are probably the worst people on the face of the Earth and they will have to pay the piper. David Rockefeller an unapologetic NWO sicko just died and Soros looks terrible and has his hand in so much worldly death, along with Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissenger and their allies the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas who are all connected to those terrible death schools known as the Poison Ivy League/Oxford/Cambridge, granted the Brits are deep into this crap as well and run the show.

Hell, Bill Clinton would have been elected to the British Parliament if he was into boys but instead he forced himself onto girls and was sent back to the USA, ironically he married a women who was also into girls. Again the best and brightest we are told daily by the media who know better than a rooster and a hound dog about what is best for us as they set out to destroy humanity.

Wake up world, the IYI (Intellectual-Yet-Idiot) class are out to destroy us all for their own personal gain and Orwell long ago told us as much.

John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto  – Everyone in the World should read what he wrote. The Corporate ‘Capitalist’  marketer saw through it all and inspired kids to do what they wanted as a teacher of humanity and not of the State and he was hated by other teachers for his vision. All of you who went through Hell (gov’t schooling) know deep down it is true and you today you can get a college education for less than $1000 on Kindle, YouTube, Reddit, 4Chan and ironically Google. The State needs us all to believe in their benevolent educational model to control us but the truth is oh so much darker if you really want to know the real truth. Just know this, we the people owe nothing to the State and also aren’t responsible nor obligated to repay their debts.

World’s Women Day follow-up


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Be thankful you aren’t Madonna, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus  or Lena Dunahm who have to do un-womanly things just for shock and awe purposes to be recognized for pop culture purposes. You women aren’t perfect and neither are us men and us men also have the same crap of expectations to deal with.

To be honest, weddings are overpriced and a joke. With modern day cameras pictures are great but really people should go get married in a far away place or keep it simple in their backyard and then just throw a reception. First it is cheaper, second it is more fun and 3rd everyone would be grateful. The wedding industry (photographers, caterers, clergy, etc) like lawyers have done far more to ruin marriages than anyone else for their own greed. Look up Dave Ramsey as he will set you straight and save your marriage. Get out of debt, college is overpriced, and once you start working we are just wage slaves, but if you get out of debt, you can change lives, just like the gov’t but in the opposite manner.

I’m sure specialized elitist sorority life, like fraternity life is great but unattainable for most on the high end. Certain families and individuals can do things most of us can’t and that is great but we need to realize what is feasible within our means. Get out of debt, don’t look up to Hollywood, DC or the Poison Ivy League and make a living.

Women, you are the nexus that makes this possible so please don’t be sold on a false hope, you are the glue that either holds a family together or rips it apart. Please ladies, don’t fall for the false narrative that feminist and what the media portray, if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here.

Boobs are why people people exist, men are but simple creatures.

The BureaucraticSlave