Uranium One, FBI lying and Fake Flake


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What a whirlwind of political intrigue the last couple weeks we’ve seen since the Las Vegas shooting by the supposed shooter ‘patsy’ Stephen Paddock, whose brother Bruce just happened to just get caught with child porn this week. I’m so glad and confident the FBI is on point after creating about 100 different narratives of fiction about what occurred in Vegas on 10/1/17, hell we can probably expect about 100 more with the help of the MSM. Now we find out that unfortunately Stephen like other mass shooters had the wherewithal and took the extra step and remembered to destroy his hard drive before committing mass murder.

I realize last week I said I’m skeptical so that makes me a conspiracy theorist and probably a threat to the 1984 designed paradigm or I’m desperately in need of some ‘Soma’ in this Brave New World to make me happy.  Honestly, anymore I think believing the conformist state of affairs (aka – Conformist Theory) is actually more diabolical than having an open mind over the long-term and (gasp) being called a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t buy the 24/48 hour MSM spoon fed narrative. Call me crazy or call me nuts but never call me a conformist, if that was the case I would have got straight A’s and been accepted to an Ivy League conformist school of good old boys and girls who knew how to just say ‘Yes’ to the latest theater production.

Hell, the Uranium One Clinton Foundation $150MM scam would have been an easily digest breakfast of Cheerios as long as all the players got a piece of the action. Really, what else could be in store, all of the Clinton actions for money have been patriotic, like selling military secrets to China via Al Gore for a small sum. DC = ROME. Then again the FBI knew about it and did nothing, I guess Mueller and Comey got paid handsomely to set up this legit arrangement but I shouldn’t question Benghazi nor anything the honest FBI says or does. Bah

The only reason I bring up the FBI is because their influence in the Vegas situation and because now it appears the FBI (Comey and Mueller) were helping the DNC/Hillary/DeepState (themselves) in spreading the fake Trump Golden Shower Russian dossier of MI6 (The older bro of the CIA) fiction provided by Christopher Steele. In short Trump might be a threat to the Swamp and the status quo and the FBI’s only purpose is to protect the Swamp and their funding and that is the case since light in the loafers Hoover.

If the FBI would lie about this wouldn’t they also lie about Vegas and many other things, hell Hoover had skeletons in his closet but he also knew of everyone else in DC who happened to be sharing his closet. Funny how they all have the same pedigree and University backgrounds yet the investigative MSM stays mum, ironically who all came from the same places. Here I go again with my crazy conspiracies but then again it is easier to be a conformist.

Rumor has it Bill Clinton was getting a mild pass on say a sexual harassment/rape charge in the UK so who protected him there and who protected him here while his ugly wife attacked other women who he allegedly ‘raped’? Now all of a sudden Harvey Weinstein is thrown to the wolves by Hollywood to deflect a long tradition of terrible deeds when the weird and Internet savvy basement dwellers call out all the inconsistencies of the authoritative professional liars who push false narratives about the Las Vegas fake FBI narrative.

Not to say the European elite don’t have their sick proclivities and need to protect others that aren’t covered by the dishonest global press so perhaps the Crown needs to be investigated, after-all poor Diana met an untimely demise like many others associated with the UK elite, let alone the other EU dynasties but it was just a sad accident. It is like watching StarWars and the new StarWars just a rehash of the past yet the MSM says the movie is golden, but nothing to see here because it is the same story.

Where has the liberal women supporting investigative MSM initiatives been the last 5 decades trying to solve these misogynistic problems? What about the dirty deeds throughout Europe, Arabia and Asia by misogynistic men of power?  Why do lesbians of power get a free pass for their transgressions (pick a Janet) against women who don’t conform to their way of thinking? This is just another typical double standard of power and the media being the mouthpieces of the elite. Maybe Brian Williams can tell us all another fairy tale of fiction.

Today in America no one trust the halls of power nor should they. In the past 10 years we’ve learned and accepted that the IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, Congress, Universities, MSM, EPA and any other alphabet agency is full of assholes, liars and thieves and they’ll never be brought to justice and perhaps it is now time to abolish all global governments and their angelic pension plans.

On a side note, I just realized I could be charged with child abuse for not setting up a 529 plan for my kids to further their State mandated indoctrination. PeterSweden in the UK is suffering from not conforming to the status quo and daring to question the ‘honest’ State.

What other crazy ideals will our ‘for the people’ politicians think of next? Social InSecurity via every paycheck thanks to a 1943 law used by the cover of war, State sponsored ‘Obamacare’ for the proletariat to further enslave the masses into ‘deathcare’ and ‘sharing’ our remaining our assets with the State in honor of the cry of equality, perhaps further 401K theft for the betterment of society with fancy sounding legislation that exempts members of Congress, or perhaps in-act another IRS law which probably was never officially in-acted in the first place by the States because of promised riches but was ingrained in all us via the NYTimes, WAPO and other MSM mouthpieces  and of course our gov’t provided and mandated education.

The spider web of enslavement is breaking and the halls of power are in retreat. Google/Fakebook/YouTube are all quivering as people no longer believe and are catching onto their censorship and their alignment with gov’t authorities. New products/apps and information mediums not owned/controlled by States are arising everyday and soon they’ll be nothing but dust in the wind and soon forgotten (Thank God). After all information like water and electricity seeks the path of least resistance. The people are waking up and are gathering rope and wood and the future has many positive possibilities as the products of technological enslavement are having an adverse effect than the preconceived plans of the ruthless and immoral authorities. To prove my point to the World I give you the sad state of Jeff ‘GOP Fake’ Flake.

This World is going crazy as the old guard is dying and certain rich for the people politicians are en-vogue and will soon die out but the old way of thinking is dead…for now. Jeff ‘GOP Fake’ Flake is crying about getting his ass kicked in the next election he is now bowing out and crying about it. Jeff pretends to ride an elephant when he is in the boundaries of AZ like his fellow sell out John (ISIS) McCain, who threw the 2008 election for the ‘Deep’ State for a few oz. of silver.  However, Like Judas (history is full of ironies) but because of their contract with the devil they must remain loyal to SOROS Inc., and like Judas their demise has come sooner rather than latter but at least Judas had the balls to commit suicide.

The sad part is once Jeff and John are outside of the State of AZ, John ‘RINO – Maverick’ McCain and Jeff ‘I’m a fake’ Flake ride RINOS into their treasonous secret treaties for fake dollars with the donkeys and George Soros and his ilk, just like fake Republicans Corker (thank God he is retiring), Paul ‘Lying RINO’ Ryan and the closet CIA ISIS (not a Shriner) Republican Lindsey Graham who only wants death and destruction when not combing Paul Ryan or John McCain’s hair at an ISIS convention in Libya covering up Hillary’s involvement running drugs and guns for donations to the Clinton Foundation to help ‘liberate’ Syria for a gas line her ‘husband’ helped pave the way for through the former Yugoslavia by bombing via NATO and her corporate allies who profited off of their EU involvement. After all, War is a Racket

The Bureaucraticslave


I’m a Conspiracy Theorist?


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I was hanging out with some friends this weekend and one of them said I’m not like so and so (me) who is a conspiracy theorists. I’m not going to say I’m a conspiracy theorist as I told him, I just said said that I have an open mind and after being lied to by my government and the MSM (and schools of many kind over K-12 an college) that I have no option left except to believe that what they tell me is most of the time completely wrong. If that makes me nuts and a conspiracy theorists then I’ll wear that label with a badge of honor.

Governments and their media and university allies like to use the group-think mentality to entrap us all into nice little homogeneous groups, the NAZIs and Communists did it and in America it was no different as the Universities loved to play along as this shit has been played the world over by the likes of western educated Mao and Pol Pot. Yet those fake bastions of intellectual thought and progress demanding that all participants of the debt cabal scream FORWARD so everyone thinks and acts the same continues unabated into the 21st century.

Without challenge by our honest or should I say alternative media allies, it truly is sad to see how far our Universities and their fake product for the people have fallen while they live high on the hog.  They look like the now terrible images of England, Germany and France before Brexit and now that the EU virus has infected all ‘member’ states that was forced upon the people for the few to profit of the many which is now gloriously falling apart we are reminded of the remnants of yesteryear.

We now see the brightest and ironically the dumbest amongst us all demanding the same outcomes via stupid and contrived and forced government dictates that the CFR and the Bilderbergs (The Powers that Be – TPTB) demand to justify their MSM supported superiority, that we all see that comes to fruition three month later so the few can profit off the many. This game as been played so many times it is getting old, perhaps it is time to abolish all government and well dare I say and actual audit by the people and for the people.

Now we now that TPTB dictate everything through their politicians who are as corrupt and an as immoral as the TPTB to gain an economic edge. Basically the leftist tenant of Fascism is prevalent throughout the western world.

That being said the gov’t and the media via Congress have been blessed to lie to the American people, I won’t even go into the World BS and the assholes at the EU and the UN.

What we’ve established is that the gov’t and the media is full of liars and they do it daily but we should trust them when it comes to big events. Again, I’m not saying it didn’t happen but then again I’m not saying it did; the Al Gore created Internet has created a lot of questions with very few answers, he is the gift that keeps on giving. I will admit that Fakebook and Fascist/Communist Google/Youtube are involved in a government/media  conspiracy because they will take down videos of criminal events based on some BS clause of bullying (I love gov’t PSA on bullying, that is so funny that the thief complains of bullying tactics) that should be available to all because in criminal conspiracies (aka crimes) all available data should be open to all parties in a free and open democracy as it would be in a court of law. When death occurs the gov’t doesn’t like they love their piece of the pie so I do have the following questions and I’ll admit they are limited:

Conspiracy Theory 101:

Sandy Hook: This one is yet to be explained in full because it appears actors seem to be involved when they gingerly exited the building and the media just happened to be there in the perfect position. I’d like to see pics of Adam Lanza in multiple yearbooks and same with the victims for multiple years even if they attended different districts. I realize the media didn’t want to go this route because they couldn’t because because laws needed to be passed in Congress. The basement dwellers caught on quickly and asked a lot of questions that have no answers.

Las Vegas: On Monday morning we learned Paddock killed a lot of people but then someone leaked some pics and it looked like a scene out of Hollywood (ironically the Harvey Wienstein sexual rapes trumped 58 people dying) just days latter. OK, yeah the carpet wasn’t burned from hot brass, the LVPD in all the interviews looks great but we all know the FEDS are lording over them in damage control as many eye witnesses have statements that can be proven not to be true. A few other people die and the mystery continues so four weeks later we should believe the FBI that can’t find a criminal in DC or Hollywood in the last 20 years but some MENA, AK drug/gun runner who play video slots shot everyone in a fit of rage. Yeah, we also believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and that Hillary Clinton is a very nice person who is courageous who demeans women who her husband raped. Didn’t Bill go to a prestigious UK university and got some things squashed…who has the power to do that? MMMMM. Didn’t help O.J. got released the same the day so all the MSM players were in town. There are fewer holes in Swiss Cheese than the smoke the lying media is blowing up our ass on this one. I’d like to refer to Mark Twain on this one… The longer this goes silent the deeper the Gov’t or some aspect there of was involved. Never trust trust the FBI again, if this outfit was honest they’d find a criminal in DC on a daily basis but then again Hoover had his skeletons yet they couldn’t find a pervert in Hollywood, which makes a lot of sense because Hoover liked dresses.

Virginia Reporter Shooting: I’ll go with CNN on this one but there is no blood and the story died after 3 days. Thank You www.4chan.org for pointing out the obvious. Youtube won’t even make the fake shooting available because there are so many holes in the narrative. Go ahead and Google it. Oh yeah Google loves to sensor information, especially when it doesn’t support the State. Google is the State and the the State is Google which is now so apparent. Look up the Las Vegas shooting and YouTube censorship which is why Google got the funds to buy YouTube. YouTube was too honest and was open and the MSM couldn’t stand for that. After all you only know what you are told.

This is just the small tip of a very large iceberg but then again, I don’t like conspiracies but then again by the actions or lack there of by the ‘Government’ a corporate entity and the MSM I have no choice and neither should you that they aren’t conspiring against us or trying to profit off to further their agenda of control.

If you walk through the last 100 years and realize gov’t are controlled by corporate interests then everything makes sense. Laws passed, the MSM not investigating anything that hurt the status quo, most players all coming from the same background, then that in and un itself is a conspiracy. Oh my but don’t expect action but more of the the same by the conspiracies actors that only want more of the same to enrich themselves with fake assets at the expense of their common man country slave who is too dense to see the global implication of their elected officials devious plans.

Really that is all it comes down to, control via debt or fake gov’t promises in old age. All the players are the same and meet at the the same table, if you want to make a difference, identify the players and don’t play their game via their purposely provided technology to track you. Once bodies hit the floor then it is open season and that is what the players fear the most.

The Bureaucracticslave




Racism in America


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I always find the word ‘Racism’ to be such an empty word because according to the KKK racists DNC Donkeys on the left and the lying MSM it is only a one way street, only white conservatives can be racists. Ironically these two progressive American institutions never look into the Dorian Grey mirror to see their own evil and horrific demonic reflections. We could go back to the segregation South and Jim Crow laws and you’ll see White Democrats dancing with glee like they do today when they have the latest ribbon cutting at the newest Planned Parenthood branch in an inner city ran by the DNC machine, but remember Republicans are racists because the MSM says so.

This is the same MSM who has long supported progressive regressive causes, whether in the form of Stalinist/communism and the NYTimes and her bitch Walter Duranty apologizing for the deaths of millions of Ukrainians also known as the Holodomor, a word foreign to most Americans thanks to our communistic educational system. The Holodomor may have killed more people than the NAZIs but FDR loved to call Stalin, Uncle Joe. Granted the same people funded both sides of this death march in the 1930s and 1940s of destruction and was led by the brightest and most sophisticated and educated Socialist and Communist of the world’s ‘special’ and ‘privileged’ white universities to create an utopian world order and as you see not much has changed.

Here is a big Thank You from the common man to the Ivy League, Oxford,  Cambridge and other European Universities of self anointed prestige and privileged…keep up the fantastic work, the peons and proletariat of the world cannot be more gracious in our admiration of your expertise, perhaps many of you could run for office to lead us down an even darker path to a ruin civilization in the the 21st century.

Let me get back on task and the extreme racism in America. A CIA fictional created mulatto with a bogus background was selected to be elected to be POTUS but the world and the fake media claim America is still racist. BS, not that elections actually matter but that is for another blog posting but no one can claim America is still racists, we endured eight years of Hell. Has the UK, Germany or France elected a fake Head of State who happened to be black or mulatto? No, so they must be racist but Americans can no longer fit into this this racist category.

Those racist Western Europeans are a xenophobic bunch and perhaps holding on to their white European roots and the privilege it affords them so perhaps that is why they are letting in only males of Arab decent to absolve their guilt to increase select diversity enforcement. Why only males you might ask? Well again that is for another post and something the MSM will never touch, perhaps because they might be eliminated, but then again that is why today we only have actors and no journalists. May Daphne Caruana Galizia RIP for actually being a journalist and not some fake face on a corporate network news outlet who pretends to be a voice for the people but is rather a mouth piece for the establishment that controls both the gov’t and big business.

In Racist America here is what we know and what I tell my children before I give them a purple participation ribbon:

  1. An Indian (Dot not Feather) will win an English word Spelling Bee
  2. A Kenyan or Ethiopian will win an endurance race
  3. A Chinese person will win a ping pong tournament
  4.  The Indian (Feather not Dot) can track anything
  5. An ivy league prick will get elected over the common man
  6. The game is rigged both politically and economically by the same judicial forces who rubber stamp tyranny for the priveledged class for a few extra dollars
  7. The Canadians are great at Ice sports (Hockey and especially the up and coming game of Curling created by the Scots – got to love the Scots because they blooded England before the US was born and they created Golf, the English created tyranny or should I say refined it from the Romans
  8. The Slovaks win in Kayaking
  9. Nordics and Slavs are phenomenal at cross country skiing the Jamaicans not so much (a very racist and xenophobic statement but in due time this will change – not)
  10. I’m sure there is more stereotypes but I’m white according to our benevolent govt statistics but look darker than some Asians but being white, but not looking like a ream of white/albino paper defines me according to all the white people in the world according to the MSM and our oh so prestigious university intellectuals as a bad and terrible person, ironically they happen to also be or European decent. I’d be pigeon holed if anyone asked me if I enjoy the company of other cultures or perhaps I married someone who doesn’t fit the racist narrative or is ESL if that makes me a very bad person and not diverse but today it doesn’t matter in crazy American land of double standards. After all white people are all the same…but then again that is a racist statement composed by racists progressives who happen to be white or of European decent who went to those special NE or European universities who seem to like Saul Alinsky who may or may not have been white depending on his audience, but again that is for another post that may involve people claiming to be of one religion over another or none at all even to persuade the masses. After all no one famous or immortalized by Western culture  or politics would ever lie…excuse me while I wipe my ass and taste my previous day’s contents.


The Bureaucraticslave

Roger Goodell


You and your ignorant Ivy League advisers couldn’t have picked a better person for political purposes than Colin Kaepernick to represent the injustices of America. A guy whose white family adopts him yet he channels communist hero Fidel Castro – too bad he didn’t play in Miami (damn you Dolphins for signing white guy Jay Cutler who can actually throw the ball – racists) . His girlfriend is a communist militant and he has been brainwashed but the media can’t look at it objectively because that would be racist, like ESPN firing Harold Reynolds and ever since that time has become a joke of a business.

Roger and company can barely even play checkers let alone chess but the rich owners reward him time and time again yet this time is different but he should give some of that money to the poor athletes who don’t make it but he won’t. The millennials don’t care about sports so Roger and company decide to double down and destroy the NFL, further impoverishing the black youth for years to come, hell even the NBA coach Popovich decided to insult his base and destroy the future contracts of black NBA stars. Popovich is a political piece of shit and I’m done with the NBA even my limited involvement in the NBA playoffs. How many more times do the brightest want to shoot themselves in the foot? I’ll still go to the MLB games until the Hispanics say they don’t want me but you know what they are the best MLB athletes and so far they they stand for the National Anthem like the Jamaican Usain Bolt.

My wife isn’t American by birth and when I go to her country I respect their flag, like Usain Bolt does our flag. The flag of each country represents the people not the gov’t and the injustice they may or may not have endurred in the past.

No wonder the electorate have no choice in elections as they are a joke/theater but pre-selected bought, paid for or blackmailed candidates seem to be the only choices we have. Roger Goodell is a pussy and belongs in DC as he has no spine, perhaps that is why he was (s)elected to lead the NFL into an abyss and piss off the base. Actually the brightest never foresaw any of this because they aren’t so bright, remember the brightest had Hillary winning in a landslide and oh yeah this NFL BS is payback by Trump, a grade A cock calling out the IvyLeague advocate pussy Goodell on his pussification for giving in to political hack Colin Kaepernick because he really isn’t isn’t a good QB.

In reality the globalist are losing the world over…American, Germany, Spain etc…All of this is related

The Kansas Kracker



The NFL, Roger Goodell & the American Flag


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The Blue Whale suicide challenge of the leftists continues unabated and now has taken its’ first corporate and as a bonus a masculine victim, the NFL. The left loves death, whether it be planned parenthood killing babies (which ironically is mostly unborn blacks who for some illogical reason still support the DNC even though white DNC benefactors like the Clintons profit off of the death of each unborn black baby but whatever). Actually with the NFL the only one to blame is Roger Goodell but I could be wrong as Jerry Jones and the Rooney’s decided to double down, good thing the Native Americans own casinos as their long tortured gov’t servitude is finally paying off.

Dictator Rodger fully embraced Colin’s actions yet he would fine players for wearing 9/11 spikes or RG3 wearing Adidas or someone wearing Beats and not Bose headphones or DeAngelo Williams of the Steelers wearing pink socks because his mom had breast cancer or God know what else but he’ll stand by Colin Kaepernick who has been hoodwinked by his militant left wing communist girlfriend to stand against the American Flag. Hell, Colin praises Fidel Castro who murdered thousands and a lot of those poor victims were black, but then again history is just an inconvenience. Poor Colin is pussy whipped and can’t see the forest for the the trees, Roger on the other hand is just a grade-A prick.

You see Roger likes to hang out with the left coast in-crowd to look progressive so he takes the advice of the white feminist Ivy League marketing graduates, the smartest people in the room, to destroy the market capitalization of the NFL. Hell the Rooney’s who own the Steelers are globalists and apparently aren’t that bright either, as they share the same white feminist globalist Ivy League consultant perspective as the election pollsters, who also happen to be smartest people in the room until they weren’t, perhaps Trump played them like fools. How many times can you be wrong before people see they are throwing their money down the drain? This Midwest proletarian prick is an idiot so apparently the Ivy League grads ride the short bus so for once I’m superior.

That being said the NFL doubles down on their leader’s stupidity and now Direct TV is offering refunds, fans across America are burning their jerseys, a restaurant owner in South Carolina won’t air NFL games, and even a KC Chiefs fan burned his jerseys (notice you can’t watch the YouTube video because Google is in on the charade and is a gov’t shill and likes to censor information – I love that Google is censoring information). Hell ESPN is dying and they deserve to along with ABC/CBS/NBC and the others, I’ll never go to Disneyland or Disneyworld because of their globalist censorship actions. ESPN may now be the worst channel in America because they fired Harold Reynolds and censored others but then let extreme leftist political rhetoric slide and their programming is like MSNBC, terrible.  They, like the NFL only have themselves to blame for their downfall but will accuse other factors for their self inflicted suicide. No wonder people are cutting cable, politicized sports is ruining any enjoyment Americans have outside of the drudgery of their daily work lives while they try to make ends meet in a corrupt and planned society. Then again all of this is probably planned…all be it very poorly #Hillary2016

The Media being the alphabet channels and Fakebook, Twitter and Google are going to pay for their censorship like the NFL and other pro sports. Young people are the next generation and they aren’t into pro sports but they also aren’t into Corp/Gov’t censorship like what Fakebook and Google do on a daily basis. Once the censorship meme catches on like wildfire goodbye progessive oneworld Orwellian information channels that censor independent thought set up by the deep state (CIA, MI6, NSA etc). We aren’t the sheep your PHD professors theorized about for a few fake dollars so they could live the High Life.

I feel zero pain for the demise of the NFL and the other pro sports (MLB and NBA), those great private/public (forced taxpayer) obligations we call stadiums and teams. Ironically, I feel no pain that a bunch of pampered athletes ruined countless dollars that future minorities will lose because of their selfless actions that could have supported the downtrodden because of their actions.

The Flag stands for America and all her faults and glory and her people who died for someone’s ideals, remember slavery was brought here by the UK Crown, the flag does not stand for our corrupt gov’t and her false meme that justice is blind as the system is not equal but rather rigged and corrupt but that isn’t the flag’s fault. White, Black and Hispanic politicians rarely go to jail for their corruption but the flag is an ideal that belongs to us all and the people are tired and taking it back.

These pampered athletes (and NFL owners) of privilege chose the incorrect course of action to politicize current political events. If you despise and hate the gov’t so do the patrons who used your entertainment as a release valve (the gov’t steals from them hourly), the ones you just shit on will never get back. Your arrogance just cost the next generation of minority athletes millions of dollars because of your selfish actions. Colin’s love of the communists who killed at least 100 million in the last century cost the next generation 10x’s that so who is selfish.

Roger was so ignorant that he should have fined Colin Kaepernick and told him to not disrespect the flag but choose another avenue and have the NFL use their influence to change things politically with other athletes and go speak with inner city youths. That would be too easy and uncomplicated as the Poison Ivy League is in charge and Roger is just a little bitch to the Powers that be, and poor Roger has to acquiesce. That was too easy because we all hate the corrupt gov’t, but then again Colin was used by his  girlfriend (he still can’t see this and the MSM is silent)  and she likes death and destruction (communism) like a lot of Democrats. So the NFL doubles down and supports their own and defies their base so I no longer feel sorry for the idiots in charge of the NFL and I’ll watch them die slowly over the years. I’m sure the NBA will do the same because of Popovich and his ignorant and self absorbed comments.

The American public is not racist, white people spend a lot of money to watch superior athletes of all backgrounds (generally not white except in Hockey) because they are awesome and superior in their talents and we like it, but not a one of us wants to listen to some false narrative of inequality and injustice from said pampered athletes who are protected by cops who they claim to hate when they aren’t providing protection. So Goodbye NFL and goodbye NBA and perhaps MLB, you only have your own who ruined it for everyone else because you hated your patrons out of political expedience from the MSM (ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN).

For the record my wife grew up under Communism and she hated it. Fuck You Colin as you have no idea of what you talk about but I’m sure your girlfriend’s mouth is fantastic so while you are relevant take full advantage of it before she moves on.

The Kansas Kracker

P.S. get off of Facebook and Google they are the Gov’t



Flags and Symbolism

This just came to me but I find how ironic it is and how people react.

  • The NAZI swastika is a terrible symbol of hate and it was stolen from the peaceful Buddhists.
  • The Confederate Flag is now a symbol of hate because a bunch of white democrat racists stole the Virginia Battle Flag for their own purpose to terrorize Republicans and Southern Blacks rather than State’s (rebel) rights vs. the Empire

Yet the Socialist #Antifa hate the same symbol they are allegedly fighting for, yet they want their own flag so an empire can rule over everyone, just like the hammer and sickle which were ironically agrarian capitalists/libertarian symbols of the individual over the State.

Unbeknownst to them because of their poor and designed government provided ‘free’ education they fail to realize that both the Socialists Fascist Nazis and their hated brother from another mother the Russian Communists were funded by the same Western people to see which system would control the most people and produce the the greatest wealth for the few. If they could read and comprehend then they’d realize that the pure capitalist Adam Smith and free market systems he wanted aren’t covered by our current nor any past agreements, as when gov’t is involved, the ‘Free Market’ ceases to exist and that is by design.

#Antifa is the culmination of people who are controlled by the the people they hate, but due to indoctrination by the Fascist State are so dumb they don’t know which way the sunrises nor sets and fail to realize they are just simple pawns in this game of chess.

God Help Us All

The #Bureaucraticslave


I Love Antifa

Antifa is today the greatest domestic political DC created terrorist group in the USA, similar to ISIS but they are supposedly only in the middle east and don’t operate domestically except in Dearborn and Minneapolis. It is very obvious to most Americans that Antifa is a gov’t creation of actors or stupid gov’t educated morons who have only the hope to get a Humanities degree and 20 years of student loan debt. The media is so bad these days even the lowest of the American society can realize how obvious the set up is to frame them for fake hate, think Charlottesville.

As an American I love this country and I’m sorry our Gov’t has stooped so low. Most Americans and foreign nationals, like everyone else on the planet, want to live their lives but our stupid corporate governments have other plans. America right now is evil but we are controlled and always been controlled by our European/UK masters. That was the point of our Civil War, European Debt Slavery, which was more viscous than actual slavery and has led to our leadership on all wars since to support European interests.

War is a Racket – Louis McFadden was killed and the Rabbit Hole runs deep, very deep if you care to look, but then they might call you a conspiracy theorists which in all honesty is the truth.

Hurricane Harvey

I just want all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey to know that we are all thinking of you. We aren’t all like the leftist progressive professor who was fired for his hateful rant but then again that is what progressives do, they hate. Progressives don’t know love, they just assume that Texas is a bad place, a place where people from all stripes get along an have for generations.

You see progressives aren’t about progress unless it is destroying the past to pretend life is perfect in the future under their perceived benevolent control. Funny how they never complain about gov’t largeness they so dearly love which caused all the past atrocities. In the Progressive perfect world Auschwitz should be destroyed because the past is bad and the Ford & Tides Foundation profited off both the fascists Nazis and Red Communists, or that the ‘peaceful’ globalist Rockefeller’s did as well under both causes (research that) and the rapist UN which whore away their resources but are never held contactable for their rapes and lack of taxes despite the Rockefeller’s land gift to the globalists at the UN. Whores…

What, the Fords and Rockefellers supported the destruction of Christians under the Bolsheviks and the Fascists and the MSM is silent, shocking. Now Confederate (State Right) statues need to be torn down under Trump but not Obama seems very (Soulless Soros) coordinated, yet nothing in Japan about statues. Perhpas the Rape of Nanking and their attack on Pearl Harbor which DC knew was coming are being torn down and Mao was a nice person in China yet educated in the West, he was but a corporate designed tool. War is a Racket.

Once you step back, graduate and take a breath you realize everything is fake that the MSM Western media is peddling and most of their history it false and then you can become your own person and that person is feared and loathed in DC because like the Bundy’s you are dangerous for thinking independently and the EU in Brussels fears the same, that their paper subjects in their member states who hate them and are ready to revolt.

Now that you are free be different and don’t conform to the masses. You have allies across the globe so be different, embrace your heritage and throw off the shackles of centralized conformity.


Trump & Turbulence in America

It has been almost 3 months since my last post, this is because I work and I’m lazy outside of work, I’m terrible at marketing my message with all my other commitments. In hindsight I should have been a progressive, as it is much easier to be lazy and post contradicting messages about my feelings and my actions and my perceived government indoctrinated intellect #Antifa. If you want to enjoy my limited messages on the Internet please go to http://www.bureaucraticslave.com/ for the next month or so as I’m hanging up my hat and will not be renewing but will still post to my WordPress account but if you want some really enlightened daily reading go to https://kakistocracyblog.wordpress.com/.  It is far more enlightening than anything the MSM fiction artists could ever create.

That being said I feel I now need to post about POTUS Trump. I supported Trump because he wasn’t crooked Hillary or low energy Jeb or any other Establishment fuck wad. Actually, him utterly destroying deep state Jeb and Hillary was awesome and that is why he is now a victim of the deep state witch hunt by Mueller and company, hell Google and Fakebook are striving to strip the web of real news that hurt their deep state alphabet agency funded (CIA/FBI/NSA/MI5/MI6/DoD empires and Mueller is one of them.

Trump isn’t eloquent in his speeches and I believe he unexpectedly won because the stack was against him but the people prevailed, as he wasn’t groomed at the fake elitist globalist’s universities to be a puppet politician like Macron, Merkel, Trudeau, Mao, the current North Korea leader, Clinton or Obama, etc…people selected long ago by secret societies to lead the sheep by hook or crook. I believe Trump actually cares about American, unlike lying and fake McCain and Romney who were just puppets doing their job for the pretend corporate machine so we can believe we had a choice, and they profited greatly I’m sure.

Bill Clinton more than likely raped a feminist in the UK while in college and many more in the USA but the Internet Lords scrub it all and fake http://www.snopes.com makes up a fake stories to protect their icon. Legally it never happened because she/they were paid off  and the MSM won’t report on it because he is a pre-selected democrat, let alone all the others people close to the Clintons that have mysterious perished that the media remains silent on. This is ironically hilarious as all the feminists support a misogynist rapist with many victims yet on universities the obviously weak female sheep support the aggressor, white political donkey male which is a predator protected by the political and media Establishment…oh the hypocritical irony of progressives and fake feminists.

Again, I should be a democrat because causes, meanings and beliefs are hypocritical and part of a patriarchal white male racist society led by those we vote for (Damn, being a progressive is like being on acid). It is kind of like Planned Parenthood a place that supports women but is so biased it won’t publish statistics on their website whom they’ve helped. I want to know how many Black, Asian, Latina and White women who’ve been aided by their services but they are ashamed to put their statistics on their website, why?

Margaret Sanger , their founder, was a women who loved minorities so much she wanted them to die, just like the DNC party today who profits off the death and enslavement of black, white, Asian and Latina unborn babies. The party that claims to love minorities and women does everything they can to enslaves, yet profits off their misfortune (I wonder if Bill Clinton got them pregnant, he might have son). No wonder Donald Trump won the election, perhaps the the old school is dying and the exploited new arrivals see that what they left is no different than what they came to.

Perhaps it is all a sick joke, the Wall Street and City of London financiers and their soulless politician and University puppets play both sides, funding both the fascists and communists as there is no libertarians or mythical Utopian free markets, except in the self policed black market of honest criminals. Judges, Politicians, Prosecutors, and Mayors are all guilty of running the worst type of economy of exploitation, the people own nothing and owe everything to the corporate state enforced by the corporate police/army. The media won’t report on it but perhaps the puppet politicians and key individual are being blackmailed for their devious pizza acts. Actually, the courts are a sham as there is no government just corporate overlords with fake courts to rule on the less fortunate and send them off to corporate prisons for them to profit off their enslavement and labor, think the Shawshank Redemption.

Hell, everything we ‘learn’ is influenced by the marriage of the corporate & state and her overlords. It is so sad, a person who wants to go to a tiny off the grid lifestyle and the corporate state says no. Why? Because then they can’t be controlled and that is the purpose of taxes, health insurance, corporate schooling, work, etc. It is all designed to run a machine and we can’t have people living outside the Hegel created paradigm and don’t you dare question it or it all falls apart rather easily, like dominoes falling.

Earlier I mentioned how the financiers always profit then you need to read Smedley Butler’s War is Racket to understand all of today’s screwed up and crazy wars, hell most of the wars of past/present, weren’t about freedom but about money and control (often for drugs – (heroin and cocaine) for gov’t corporate benefactors (banking(CIA/FBI/DEA/MI6) – look up HSBC). To bring you into to modern times Wall Street and The City of London financed both the sides in WW1 and WW2 and all wars before and after and profited always no matter who won. Shit, most wars today aren’t meant to be won because it isn’t profitable (Korea/Vietnam/Iraq/Afghanistan). This was the point of the American Civil War, slavery had nothing to to do with it, but rather control through global financed banking for their interests. America and Western Europe gave Russia money and technology during the Communist Revolution because they funded it, hell they gave them technology during Vietnam to kill our own brothers and sisters, that is how medieval our political system truly is as our politicians are bought on the cheap. Someone has to profit and when they all do nothing changes…

Perhaps the gov’t history you were forced to learn wasn’t the true history at all…

Guillotines should be in fashion