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So today we find out the DOJ is working with another subsidiary of the DNC, MMFA to spin the allegations of an internal cover-up for which an illegal purchased gun by a Mexican national killed Brian Terry. So let me get this straight, Soros is working with Holder, a black man, to protect the president, also a black man, who used the DOJ to run guns to Mexico so brown people could kill more brown people and if possible cause the demise of the 2nd Amendment.

This sounds like a power struggle within the radical ranks of the DNC that pits the NAACP vs. La Raza. How many more innocent Mexicans have to die on Obama and Holder’s watch? Come on media why don’t you cover this angle?

As we all know, if Bush was still in office every story on the nightly news would be, “Bush lied, People Died,” with Cindy Sheehan (Where is she today? I never saw the media interview her after Obama/Clinton assisted in the bombing of Libya – anybody…anybody)  With Holder/Obama the MSM is as predictable as ever…crickets.