Watched the Innocence of Muslim video an hour ago, which was posted in July and not in near 9/11/12, and by the way our State Dept lies their ass off. What a poorly written script with bad production values, that is based on satire and a semi-historical accurate view of the Koran. The new SNL cast may learn a thing or two about how to touch those pesky touchy subjects. The outrage is because the Ivy League Warrior in the WH and the thousands (from the Ivy League) who run our gov’t have no balls (Sorry Janet N. I know you wish you did) and AQ knew they wouldn’t have a manly response.

Sorry Israel, you are on your own but I guess you figured that out by now. Again, you will kick some ass and the impotent UN will say stop responding with excessive force. Don’t worry, the US media will ape their response and the campus of Berkeley will hold a candle light vigil for Gaza. I don’t know why but incoming freshman and outgoing seniors never hear about the bombs rained down on you daily from the LA Times (objective journalism? I’m not sure what that means).

The Kansas Kracker