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The Maghreb is on fire. Our Nobel Peace Prize winning president has turned the Maghreb and the Middle East into a caldera of fire. First, how in the hell could this guy win a Nobel without doing anything, but that goes to show how worthless the Norwegian committee is and that the whole damn thing is nothing but a cabal of internationalists who promote from within to try and rid the Earth of the common man.

Second, this fire started in the Maghreb by the US and our NATO allies assisting in murder of Muammar Gaddafi (he did deserve it 15 years ago but it should have been done internally without outside assistance – so this pawn fell). Maybe it had something to about GS losing a billion plus dollars…


After all Wall Street loved the BHO in 2008 but why was England/NATO involved? Was it for oil, money or something else? The USA attacked Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush and BHO continues the war, which he promised to stop; instead, he expands the conflict and brings to bear and arms the enemy we tried to defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve read the Art of War and I realize the enemy of my enemy is my friend so this make absolutely no sense, unless the State Dept and BHO want to foster turmoil so Israel is attacked. The enemy of Israel is not the people of the USA but of those Ivy League educated Progressive Democrats currently in power.

So let’s recap. Libya was not a player and Gaddafi was on the sidelines. The Muslim in chief needed to create a fire and the anti-Semitic communist players in the State Dept were up to the challenge (You can never trust those NE blue bloods and where their loyalties reside). Hosni Mubarak didn’t have the appetite to attack Israel as Egypt’s relationship with their foe was on pretty good grounds. So now the Mo Bros (Muslim Brotherhood) are in power to the south and in the Sinai. Assad in Syria feels the same way as Mubarak but today he feels the wrath of the West, that things with Israel were fine but the power players (BHO, State Dept, the Progressives in England and Europe) want him out of power because they need to install the radicals (Mo Bros) to put a barrier to the North of Israel to box them in. So a civil war must be created to achieve the task. That leaves us with the next move on the chessboard.

When does Jordan go up in flames? Will his alleged western allies spit upon the King, or is he the next knight to be taken as his neighbors before him so a more radical element can be installed to continue the conflict?

The people of Iran are a great people today and in the past, unfortunately since the Jimmy Carter administration, the radical elements have been in charge to harass the populace and also those pesky Jews who reside on a land mass 2/3rds the size of Belgium and almost 1,000 miles to the away. Today our State Department spreads lies to quell the attack in Libya because the same people they supported, now decided to attack those who assisted in putting the radical elements in power. This is the Muslim world after all, so the crocodile bit the hand that fed it (RIP ambassador Stevens) in death you should know your bosses sold you out. But that is politics; blame others when you are too weak an incompetent to accept the blame yourself.

I guess now we have to wait for the next move. Will Israel castle now or wait until the US elections or will there be another frontal assault with the full support of the State Dept (not the US military) on the State of Israel? Do not forget that those assaults have been disastrous in the past so will they sacrifice their legions again? Only time will tell, but I’m sure in retirement Barack Obama will earn yet a 2nd Peace Prize from the incompetents of the Nobel committee.

The Kansas Kracker