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Ms. Maxine got off with a nod and a wink today…


This goes to show that America is on the downward path of decline. Rome died and so shall we. We may like taking our kids to their sporting events, sending them off to gov’t ran schools and telling them everything is a OK if we follow the rules, but why do we continue to lie to them?

Maxine’s husband is on the board of a bank that sucks and made bad loans and if it doesn’t have the capital should fail (TARP bailout), Charlie Rangel doesn’t pay his taxes in NY and on a rental property but it is a OK, there are too many of these abuses by our elected officials (John Kerry – a man of the people not paying his taxes on a Yacht) but the rest of us slaves must perform our duties and pay our taxes on schedule, and if we don’t the IRS is down our throats. So why don’t they have to live by the same rules of the common man/women (a new age of PC) is beyond me.  (Equality isn’t the goal of gov’t but rather the few living off the sweat of the many…why union members support gov’t/labor representative tyranny is something I’ll never be able to comprehend)

This shit just shows that Washington DC is is ran by an elected criminal class who protect their own. Congress only has themselves to blame for their <10% rating as they act like the mafia who protect their own. I actually feel bad for the mafia because they at least run a semi legit business model and feel insulted if petty crime occurs in their neighborhood. Not so in DC where the troops rally around one of their own to protect their State ran rackets, after all that is what the Senate turned into after  17th amendment passed, which screwed the States and the people, but that is what Communism is all about. The USA looks like the Soviet Union, where those who can’t produce reward those who can institute the greatest punishment.

How much longer can the USA survive? Not much longer in my book. This is Rome all over again and Obama is Nero, so why would Romney want to win?


The Kansas Kracker