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The last second Monday night Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks call cost a lot of people money, including the odds makers who make and set the market. The NFL and their replacement refs are like Congress and the bureaucratic regulators who set the rules that can change on a dime, to rig the market for certain market participants.


We as a society like to pretend we live in a capitalistic free market society but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, the high school and college textbooks claim the USA is a capitalistic market place (so it must be true?), which is ran by greedy businesses but in reality it is the Congress and the bureaucratic agencies that set the market in collusion with the select few from the protected business class. The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd and the business grads gobble up this rhetoric it up like a GSA perk, but the truth of the matter is that we live in a mercantilism economy where a few connected players, with the paid protection racket of government officials, run the market place and set the prices.


This brings me to the NFL and the replacement refs. The NFL is the legitimate business that brings in the suspect referees (Congress) to create the outcome (price) it wants. It says we are paying our employees too much (the refs) but fail to realize they bring legitimacy to the game. Instead, we now have so much bureaucratic red tape (reviews and shitty calls) that has determined the outcome of many of the games and not the players on the field. Vegas, like the stock market, brings together buyers and sellers at a prices and takes a piece of the action to facilitate the trades, but now the NFL has rigged the game in their favor and refuses to take responsibility for their actions (e.g. Congress, White House, Bureaucratic agencies galore).


The NFL decree is now eerily reminiscent of the Gov’t taking over GM, forget the rule of law, this is now a dictatorship. 

P.S. Roger Goodell, If you want some advice seek out Paul Krugman, he is a blithering idiot but his counsel and baffling illogical conclusions may buy you some time to seek another line of employment. 


The Kansas Kracker