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John Taylor Gatto and the truth of American Schooling



I go back to 2008 when all the students, whether in HS or college thought Barack Obama was the greatest thing since sliced bread. They all thought he was so hip until they realized how bad the gov’t screws you over. Things are great when you are young in America, work is easy and school has been dumbed down to the most simplistic level that everyone should be entitled to free education, housing, healthcare, insurance, cars, a stipend and anything else I forgot that you don’t have to earn.

Four years later the college grad is living at home and our high school athletes are starving because of his wife (Michelle) obsession with calories. The progressive dipshit in NY, the mayor Michael Bloomberg (who put a window A/C in is limo) has banned large sodas/pops and salt shakers. This is all noise provided by our progressive masters as they try and tame society to distract us from the graft and corruption. Our gov’t can’t balance a budget, buys votes with tax money (I can’t call it revenue as it is stolen by force or coercion) and tells us everything will be OK. Yet the next generation actually believes that Social Security will be there when they retire. The school system has worked its mathematical magic to perfection. Screw over the young while they vote for their own demise.

If the word government or federal is in the title everything should be suspect and the masses should demand answers. We go to work every day to be taxed into submission (shackles) while they live the good life and look to institute more laws to collect even more while letting the criminals run free to justify their positions. When is enough, enough? I think the greatest word in the English vocabulary is the word “NO” and that is what should be taught in schools.

Speaking of schools I look at Chicago and their pathetic statistics of performance and if you want to learn the true purpose of schools you should read anything written by John Taylor Gatto, a true patriot. He tells us what we don’t want to hear but know to be true, but since we lived the nightmare so should our children.

The Kansas Kracker