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Congrats to Matt Stone and Trey Parker for saving the NFL. These two are the bravest Americans citizens (besides those serving on the front lines) who never fail to tackle the toughest subjects. Muhammad as a bear, the Navy Seals taking out some pirates, Scientology. Joe Smith and the Book of Mormon  ManBearPig and the cult of global warming, Jesus, Satan and any other religious figure you can thing of. The NFL executives and owners should bow down to these two as they encapsulated Roger Goodell on Wednesday’s episode of Sarcastaball becoming a pansy ass liberal pussy in how he has turned the NFL into the flag football league.

Thank you Matt and Trey for getting the real refs back in the game and giving it purpose and legitimacy. You did what Vegas and Congress couldn’t. I wish you two would run for the Presidency and VP and bring an iota of respect back to Washington DC. 

The Kansas Kracker