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The Super Bureaucrats at the UN are at it again. The kleptocrats at the Hall of Doom (aka Turtle Bay) are on their quest to reward contracts to their corporate and NGO buddies, all in the name of saving the world from itself. Nothing like more taxes from the people, which will end up in the hands of bureaucrats which they will use to further shackle and wall in the plebs. The question is who will save us from them? I have one idea for a new tax, as if I put others out there they may try and implement them.

Proposed Law: Every word a politician or bureaucrat speaks on camera or over the airways will cost that individual a dollar/yen/euro etc (

In theory there will be less lying and this should make the world a better place (who am I kidding) which will then be used to fund audits by say Judicial Watch against the UN, US Gov’t, EU, China, Japan, etc…The more politicians/bureaucrats speak in a country, the more they get audited and for once maybe the people will win a round.

The Kansas Kracker