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One way to fire up the racist democrats (The KKK was founded by those compassionate jackasses afterall) is if you are black, half-black, or any black you better stay on the DNC plantation and vote for the liberal progressive candidate no matter if he/she is white, half-white, or any white.


If I was a liberal democrat with a shred of dignity left, today is the day I hang my head in shame and walk away from the party, as the vitriol and venom of the left should only be directed at innocent school children who wear Romney shirts to public school (State Sanctioned Churches) and are ridiculed by union protected State Clergy (teachers), and not at innocent beautiful actresses who go against the communist memes of Hollywood.


Stacey, you are an inspiration to all American’s who still believe in the first amendment and the freedom of speech, I’d say currently around 53% of your fellow citizens.

The Kansas Kracker