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Way to go Cardinals. Is not October baseball not the best. All 4 series go to game 5 for the 1st time (1.98% chance) and the Cards come back from 6 down. The magic from last year is still alive. My hats off to the Nats for their fight and you couldn’t script a start to the post season better than all the teams showed in October.

Would have Stephen Strasburg had made a difference? I don’t know and I guess we’ll never know but I understand them putting him on the shelf. He has the golden arm and you don’t want to do what the Cubs did to Mark Pryor and Kerry Wood.

I can’t believe they took Yady out but what a move as even he would have scored on that hit by David D. Wow, what a game and what a come back. They fought and fought and didn’t like putting up crooked numbers until the 9th but they did it again. 12 in 12 is still alive.

To the Washington Nationals. Don’t hang your head as you’ll be back next year and be even better. You will have the experience and good things are coming for your organization. What a ball club and what a show every team showed the paying public. Baseball is America’s pastime. I’d love to see the Nats and the Orioles in 2013.

The Kansas Kracker