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The powers that be kept the crypt keeper in control. It is another sad day for the republic as we march forward towards anarchy but with a Romney win the train only slowed down. The Ivy League sell outs would have won either way as it has been since Reagan (Clinton went to Oxford which is one and the same…Labour party= DNC).  On the bright side we have four years to find our Churchill to counter our Chamberlain, our Quisling, our Mao, our Stalin, our Hitler. Syria will continue to burn as will Libya and more countries will follow. More wars, more destruction, more corporate entitlements for the connected few, more lies and more uncertainty. I guess the sheeple of America wanted to keep the status quo and continue to believe in the faux wisdom of the technocrat and bureaucrats of the Ivy League. Eventually the drug of illusion will not be effective as the populace builds up a tolerance but that day is not today. Sleep well tonight as uncertainty will be the wave of the future. All empires die, and as the sun set on England and gave way to the USA, we now bid farewell and give way to an evil empire called the UN.

May God be with us all.