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I’ve never smoked the stuff because I can’t stand the smell but if any good card carrying Republican out there can embrace a movement this is the one to embrace. You may think I’m off my rocker but come on. The Democrats love to outlaw all kinds of things, especially private healthcare so embrace the natural herbal market. This substance was created by God and outlawed by DuPont and their allies in Congress. We know outlawing booze didn’t work and this ain’t working either except by making some politically connected yahoos very rich.

If you want to bring the young, Hollywood, mall centered, college educated, I-pod/pad, X-Box, WII, Play Station, marijuana smoking young adults voters into the conservative movement then take your libertarian roots by the horns and say yes to Mary Jane. The Dems stole the liberal mantra from the libertarians when the Progressive thing kind of died down (something to do with Hitler and Margaret Sanger and Stalin’s purges). You have to attack the Democrats at their weakest point as they can never say yes to this movement as it diminishes the power of a gov’t agency (The DEA) and it will hurt the lawyers guild as they try and protect the youth of America from a natural substance.

Watch this ZoNation clip to get an idea what I’m talking about and changing your ideals only slightly to bringing new people into an old idea of freedom and liberty of the individual (Allen West, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain). I know the Tea Party embraces this; however, we let the MSM and the entrenched progressive Republicans from the Northeast dictate the message. Considering PJ Media is founded by an Asian American (The beautiful Michelle Malkin) with all the principles of the Founding Fathers, we have to ask ourselves what wrong turn did we make?


The entrenched NE Progressive Right wing needs to be thrown out because of their loyalty to the progressive establishment and the religious right needs to grow a set and realize wine was drank in the bible and J.R. Tolkien and Lewis Carroll (son of a preacher man) talked about drugs in their books. Remember, they are only a bad thing when abused, as after all Jesus turned water into wine.

The Kansas Kracker