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So the Government wants to read all our emails without a warrant. I say bring it on, after all the 4th amendment means nothing with the Mad Hatters of the Congress. A lot of these individuals are lawyers and I can think of no better irony in life than a bunch of lawyers destroying the law. Our society is an avalanche heading downhill so anything to speed it up will only lead to the quicker re-building of a better society without these leeches.

When I wake up every morning I think this must have been what Rome was like all those years ago.

The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates.” – Tacitus

If Congress wants to read all our emails and see what porn has been fed our way, we should tap their phones, emails, put GPS tracking devices (Garmin – very good opportunity to sell some goods) and bug their offices, cars and personal residences, as well as, their clothes and other personal belongings then I’m all in if the gov’t wants to create a public site for all of us to use to analyze their corrupt lives (fat f-ing chance). Also, if we are going to create a Stazi/KGB police state in the USA lets us also entrap the criminals at the top, so they can concede to themselves and their minions and the myriad of their bureaucratic underlings to submit to this police state horror. The lower worker bees of the bureaucratic state are immune for 5 years but after that if you are paid by the Treasury or the State your entire life is subject to the transparency of the public. Forget that…from day one.

If this is the case…I’m all for amending the 4th amendment, but I’d also like to see the 16th and 17th go bye bye as they probably weren’t passed via English law in the first place.

The Kansas Kracker