I wish that I could be only half as articulate as this man. I only came across his writings and musings by chance and am forever grateful that I did.

As he said regarding the English language and rap music…”the vulgar have discovered that it is easier to reject higher standards than to meet them.”

I take this as when someone says ax and the mean ask. He goes on to say…

“The death of good language is part of the larger death of all culture, springing from the same causes: the domination of society by the mob. Note the decline in the sales of books, particularly books of history, the sciences, and literature: the rapid growth in genuine illiteracy, the disappearance of symphony orchestras. We have no poets, a nation of over three hundred million being far inferior to tiny, muddy London in the Seventeenth Century. Classical music is seldom played and never written. Architecture means K Street boxes; sculpture, curious confabulations made to be sold to bureaucrats in the Parks Department.”

What a wonderful human being and I only wish our paths cross just once before our time on Earth is through.

I urge all of humanity to check him out at…



Fred on Everything

You will become both entertained and informed.