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I’m watching the SC vs. Clemson game and they have it in for Johnny football. I’m going to predict that ESPN’s boy Johnny Football will win the Heisman? I know he is a freshman and has two losses but in the end he plays in the SEC, the subsidiary of ESPN. Forget Collin Klein (KSU, Kansas State Wildcats, K-State) and his one bad game this year, and what his resume shows over the last two years, let alone this year. The man shows more heart and grit than any player I can remember (I’m biased I went to KSU). The die has been cast and Johnny football beat Alabama so Collin Klein, the Christian leader, the man of faith and character playing in the Little Apple will have to play second to football politics and the immorality and the power of the Disney Corporation. 

P.S. I have nothing against Johnny Manziel, who I’m sure is a fine human being as this is bigger than the both of them and has everything to do with the meme/zeitgeist of the moment, destroying the good young men of America. Johnny will get a Heisman or two and rightfully so, but this year belongs to underdog, the leader of the team who was picked to finish 6th in the Big 12 or is it 10 (ironically universities aren’t very good at counting the number of teams in their conference anymore)?

The Kansas Kracker