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Only a leftist professor from the University of Texas, or a thousand other universities, could  write such trash and still hold their job. I love it when the left calls the right, Nazi’s even though the Nazis where the National Socialistic German Workers Party, sounds very union  and Democrat friendly to me. Though in academic speak far right means just slightly to the right of the far left to fool the idiot kids who go to college. Fascism (Nazis) are so far right of communism and both want the gov’t to control everything, and so it is all make believe. The Nazis and Communists economic plans are awful because they were both planned an implemented by the spawns of Satan.. These two ideals are one and the same except that fascism is nationalistic (xenophobic) vs communism which is global, which is BS. I don’t know one Commie who thinks the Africans, Latinos, Asians or  any other groups who doesn’t play second fiddle to some white guy from Western Europe, America or Russia who is inferior to their intellect. If you want to kill a 100 million people, then communism is your method of extermination. It will never cease to amaze me how the gov’t educated children can embrace gov’t utopia with just a minimal knowledge of the death toll of central planning. But then again America has allegedly elected BHO twice. When do we all just say f*ck it and give up; and when we go to trial scream jury nullification?  . 

The Kansas Kracker