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The Progressive left is showing their true colors. They have been working long and hard to assist in the destruction of Israel. This all started with the contrived Arab Spring and now includes the termination of Assad in Syria. Assad never wanted to attack Israel and so now the US (Obama) and the anti-Semitic State Dept and her allies in England, their long Ivy League Nazi/Communist brethren and their shared hatred of Zionism has shown their true roots and must see to Israel’s death. In Libya, Qaddafi long ago under Bush said I’m out of the terrorist game but that wasn’t good enough for the Ivy League grads so he had to be done in, same goes for Hosni Mubarack and now Assad in Syria will be the next casualty. Obama got the Muslim Brotherhood into power in Egypt but the sad fact is when Israel is attacked they will be destroyed again. The Muslims, whose religion is stolen as a hybrid from Judaism and Christianity don’t take heed to Biblical principles and will try and fail again. This time is different as in the past the USA had Israel’s back but this time all will be destroyed who favored evil over good. The USA can no longer be trusted as its’ power structure if filled with those whose hearts are filled with evil and not with good. Israel will triumph victorious again on their own and the peasant’s will fill her lands with joy while those who embraced evil will know their place.