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I’m I the only one that has noticed our gov’t has zero collateral? Bill Clinton sold our secrets to to China, I’m sure the Bushes’s kept the oil money going to the Middle East,and Barrack Obama is in bed with the Muslims and the Russians to no end. The question is how valuable is  America’s collateral? When America defaults on our debt I’m giving up my kids but I’ll give up Congress but they are worthless, Does China know this? This is like when the Germans unleashed Lenin on the Russians. We’ll default on on 16 Trillion but we’ll give you 50 gov’t shit heads whose families only made money off of gov’t influence. I think it is a fair trade and we can unleash Hell on on the world. I guess it is their stupidity for believing  all the liars of Washington. As Stephen Covey says this is a win win. We get rid of them and unleash their ignorance they spread on the American masses on someone else.