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A menorah was vandalized in Miami, a Democrat stronghold in the State of Florida (or at least that is how the headline should read), was defaced with the words, “you killed Jesus.” I hate to point fingers but it sounds like the work of a leftist sect of protestants, Lutheran ELCA, Methodist  or a college christian group whose prayer leader wears an earring or two, would be my educated guess. I’m sure the DA won’t find this to be a hate crime.

After all these years the Christians are still blaming the Jews for killing the Messiah. What the leaders of these Christians fail to tell their gullible followers, is that Jesus came to Earth to die for our sins. He knew from the the get go his life would be cut short and it would be painful temporary death to absolve us of our sins. Jesus’s mission in life was to save mankind, not to make a 7:30am tee time so he could hit the Golden Corral at 4:30pm and retire early for the evening. So you Christians out there, ask yourself what communion would be like if Jesus died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 89, in the Jerusalem Gardens nursing home pushing around a walker with tennis balls attached.