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This article is why Bureaucraticslave.com was formed. The people of NY have been targeted by their bureaucratic masters to extol an unjust tax against law abiding citizens. The Red Light fraud against the people continues but the world is yet to hear from the Fascist dictator Mayor Bloomberg. So the people of NY can’t have salt shakers or 20oz sodas but the State will exact their toll via the fraud of red light camera. Come on Benito Mussolini of NY City, where is the outrage? I think your tyranny should put you as the front runner for the next leader of the corrupt UN, but you’ll have to compete against your buddy Barry in the WH.

I think it is time for NY and Boston to put their sport competition aside and call a truce so they can create the ultimate Tea Party confab with Rick Santelli in Chicago. What could be better for American than the citites that brought us the Daley/Obama corruption machine, Tammany Hall and Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry/Kennedy and the Big Dig Union kickback fraud together to form the next limited government, Don’t Tread on Me, revolution. Nothing would be sweeter than those poor bastard who got screwed over by Big Gov’t to revolt against, Big intrusive Gov’t.

I know it won’t happen in my lifetime but if we can get rid of the Red Light Camera Mafia, then at least my children can sleep a little better at night and know a little bit of freedom still exists.

The Kansas Kracker