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The noose around the people’s neck would be a lot tighter if it wasn’t for Lord Monckton. This time the fearless leader from the UK stuck out against the blowhard bureaucrats at the UN, who want to shackle us all with more red tape and regulations, but exempt themselves. Lord Monckton committed the ultimate sin by going against the groupthink mentality that has rotted this organization to its’ very core and I say about time someone showed some balls.  

I love it how the political elites who despise the common man will continue to do everything they can to make life miserable for us all, while they live a life of opulence funded by their tax confiscation schemes These a**holes at the UN, along with most governments, would snuff out the sun with red tape if they could. Since the Sun doesn’t listen to them, I say the people shouldn’t listen to them either. I wonder what 5 Star resort the climate Nazis of the UN will be meeting at next year? Haven’t the green eco-freaks ever heard of GoToMeetings.com or are they to busy not seeing the little people as they fly over in their private jets to their next Wannsee Conference.