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I just got done watching the movie RED again and I realized that our Secret Service and the FBI have been hood-winked into being the muscle for the new mafia. The initial mafia was rubbed out by the gov’t because they both ran the same scams, but atleast in NY there were five families that provided some competition for the users of their products to keep the prices down. Today in Washington D.C. we have two families (Democrats and Republicans) that work together to destroy Individual Liberty and State rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights and the FBI and the Secret Service are still the muscle that keep them in power. Is it their patriotic duty to look the other way over minor/major infractions of the law by the patrons of the Poison Ivy League Political Elite? Why do they do it? Is it for the promise of promotion or their supposed promised pensions? No one (a gov’t paid teacher) has ever provided a satisfactory answer to me but what I say is true. They run the same scams but at least the mafia was honest in their dealings, but the gov’t fucked them over as well. That in itself gives me the answer on the future of Social Security, Medicare and the false promise of Obamacare. Good luck America on getting true answers while the political elite in Washington continue to sodomize the voting and taxpaying public.

The Kansas Kracker