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I’m not surprised that an Indian American (Nikki Haley whose family came from the former British province India) picked the African American, Tim Scott to take Jim DeMint’s seat in the Senate. The Democrats with the unfortuate death of Daniel Inouye, a Japanese American, who for some reason sided with the FDR Democrats who stole Japanese American’s property after the attack on Pearl Harbor, gave a white man his seat to fill until the next election. Perhaps, Mr. Inouye suffered from the Stockholm Syndrome like 90%+ of American Blacks who tend to elect democrats who are the party that unjustly enslaved them in the past. Of course most American Blacks seem to believe the KKK was a Republican invention because most blacks and those black Americans in th DNC have long ago sold out their own people to increase thier own standing and wealth to continue their enslavement of their own people.
We’ve seen this by Rod Parker at ESPN who hated on RG3, who he lynched liked the white led DNC lynched Clarence Thomas when he was elected for the Supreme Court. I guess times change but the DNC stays the same. Sure the DNC owns the Congressional Black Caucus but that is because they sold our their own people long ago to live the good life.
BHO is in office because he is doing the bidding of the communist, progressive, racist DNC. The boy is rich and has lived a pampered, scripted life with doors opened by the establishment. He has not lived the supposed tough life of Jamie Foxx, or by that of 50 Cent but rather that of pampered diplomat. He may say he connects with those who reside in South Central but that is a farce, just like the faux history our political elite has fostered on the American public of our extreme leader.
I happen to share the same name with our beloved leader and even golf left handed but that is all we have in common. I will profess to the world I will not enrich myself by knowing supposed  educational leaders like Mao, Pol Pot and Bill Ayers who have been labeled terroists in the past who happen to write my books for the good of the cause and reside in Chicago (Bill Ayers).
I will say public education is a blunt instrument used to keep people in thier place, why do you think that the inner city minority kids keep getting a poor education? So that a few minorities in the DNC can enrich themselves at the expense of their indoctrinated people who they pretend to represent and enslave them in the ghettos of America, which are all represented by the Democrats.
The Kansas Kracker