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Way to go Louisville Cardinals by beating the snot out of the Florida Gators, which happen to be in ESPN’s favorite conference, the SEC. I also noticed Charlie Strong’s (coach of Louisville) wife was white and I was hoping Rod Parker, of ESPN, could say a thing our two or at least tweet about this upset. Not that it matters but like RG3 does Mr. Strong perhaps vote Republican? Is he a sell out to his race? Did Charlie grow up in a house with a mom and dad? Rod, are you going to lynch Mr. Strong like you did RG3 and would have Clarence Thomas if you were so fortunate to be a member of the criminal cartel we call Congress when Clarence Thomas was elected to the Supreme Court?

Has the world ever noticed how Republican Black politicians represent a majority white demographic, while all Black Democrats always support minorities? Who is racist? The DNC is and has been for some time. BHO is just Harry Reid’s well spoken house worker doing the will of the pasty Poison IVY LEAGUE elite.