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I see another Progressive Journalist is spouting communistic ideals and using the Des Moines Register as his soap box. Unlike Patrick Henry who believed in the individual and liberty this jackass Donald Kaul wants to destroy the individual to advance the genocidal tendencies of the State. I live in Kansas City and won’t subscribe to the paper (Kansas City Star) and I hope the good people of Des Moines do likewise. Why support those who underwrite our own demise? I think it was Mark Twain who said those who don’t read the paper are uninformed and those who do are misinformed.

Donald Kaul would have a great career working for the UN or in the Soviet Bloc. This guy hasn’t believed history as the death toll for those countries that outlaw guns (Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, etc) makes Planned Parenthood wet with jealousy in their quest to go green. How better to go green than by destroying parasites, aka humans, who feast on tasty animals who eat grass and grain?