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I hope Hillary Clinton, the old sow is OK. I don’t believe for one minute any of this is real. The concussion, the blood clot or any of the fake media hype surrounding her ordeal is nothing but theatre for the masses. I believe this hype Just like I believe the last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff to save the middle class is real. To be honest the Senate passed the 154 page deal after 3 minutes and everyone of those whores new what was in it. The irony is the lying lawyers will eventually destroy their own profession once people start believing in themselves again and throw these imbeciles in Gitmo.

Washington DC is nothing but fake propaganda, theatre for the masses as we all go off the cliff of no return. Our entire society is built on false promises and once the people realize the false Democrat promises of FDR (Social Security) and LBJ (Medicare) are false then society can once again begin to rebuild itself. This will take some time since the gov’t controls schooling but even the promises of employment and not living in your parent’s basement is coming to an end.

Good luck America. We have only ourselves to blame for electing the scum of the Ivy League that is bestowed upon us by the Media and their Ivy League allies. After all we believed the corrupt school system whose allegiance is to the UN and agenda 21 and not to the US Constitution.