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First you need to sign up for the Tea Party Economist’s emails – Gary North (this guy has the most honest advice you don’t want to hear). If you made it through college without believing all the lies this man is for you. I used to buy in to Keynesian processes but this man will introduce to the Austrian economcis way of life, which you’ll never hear in college so by the time you are 30 you’ll know it is true.


He turned me on to an ex-military guy who lives in Mexico who is more honest and intelligent than the NY Times and Fox News combined – not that would be hard to accomplish. Unfortunately this truth holds more water for the more senile crowd who no longer trusts the MSM, DC, NYTimes, or anyone else but people who’ve lived a good solid life whom have realized they’ve been lied to their entire lives by those whom say they love them the most (aka gov’t schooling, military and DC herself).