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The Muslim BHO wants to put the Jew hater Chuck Hagel in charge of the Department of Defense from NE. Soon the War hero John Kerry will take over control of the Commie State Dept, the man who had more wounds than Audie Murphy and survived without the slightest hint of a limp from his Pentagon/Ivy Leagued faked missions into Laos, Cambodia and Siberia.

What other lies will our gov’t tell us? Maybe that Hillary Clinton had a fall and a fake blood clot or that James Carville will cry that it must be real. I’m sure all those people close to the Clinton’s died of natural causes (a statistical improbability) but the lies of the STATE are more important than the slaves who question their Imperial Ivy League masters. Like BHO whose entire life was preplanned and provided for him.

You know like the prep school in Hawaii, college in CA and MA and then his move to Chicago and all the false shit in between. Why study hard when the script was already written. I guess it helps that he is gay so he plays along to the DNC lucifer masters. It is like the OMEN all over again but in DC it is the Devil’s Playground where the portal to HELL resides. They are all complicate in the fraud that is the election system of the USA. 

Funny thing, most people realize and don’t participate in the fraud of that occurs on the 1st Tuesday of November, so my hats off to you.

The Kansas Kracker.