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The Bureaucrats in Orlando, Florida, now want you to register your gardens so they can tell you NO. OK, so maybe they didn’t say register your garden but they’ll just tell you NO, screw property rights. Oh how far this country has fallen when the people continue to listen to these assholes. They tell us NO all the time so we should do the same to them.

I guess the BIG question is why did the commie city counsel tell this property owners no. Was it BIG Grocery, BIG Wal-Mart or BIG farmers market who thought this family would teach people to grow their own food and impede upon their sales (and local sales tax) who paid of the counsel? After all, I’ve never known a commie, big gov’t idealist who wasn’t against taking a payoff from the producing class who wanted something in return (American, European, Asian and UN politics at it’s racketeering core).

H.L. Mencken said, “Puritanism is the haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy.” But Puritanism has taken on a different meaning, in H.L.’s time it was the Fundamentalist Christians he was speaking of and if he were alive today the Fundamentalist religion of choice for the masses is called Government. Today, the technocrats like the clergy of old regulate the masses to meaningless slavery.

So what will they want you to register next? Guns, light bulb wattage inventory, types of toilets in the home, number of laptops, gold and silver (In Illinois perhaps), and now I’m done giving them bureaucrats anymore ideas.

Good luck in life my fellow bureaucraticslaves, as I can no longer call you citizens in the America we live in.