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Louis Michael Siedman wrote and op ed in the NY Times called Let’s Give up on the Constitution. The British tried and failed in the War of 1812 but in the long run they are exceeding, as the transplants from Oxford and Cambridge have over ran the Poison Ivy League school system and infected the generations of students who’ve attended. Mr. Siedman, himself a graduate of Harvard law, is hell bent on destroying the US Constitution like many of his fellow and Poison Ivy League alumni but let’s here them out.

In A Voyage to Laputa by Michael Walsh at www.NationalReview.com it covers Mr. Siedman’s ignorant thought processes and Frank Gaffney in his latest article, Hold John Kerry Accountable posted at www.Newsmax.com even gives it a little love in his article on another Poison Ivy League treasonous bureaucrat.

The Poison Ivy League elites have a long standing disdain for the little people who produce the new ideas and most of the goods of the world and have for some time. The reason they hate the little people, like me, is if we (the masses) ever catch on their idealistic world and cushy lifestyle will come to a crashing halt.

I say give it to them. Lawyers, most of them educated at what they say are the finest institutions, have done one hell of a job destroying the respectability of the law as it is, so burn the damn thing and let us wipe our hands of what Louis Michael Siedman calls, “our insistence on obedience to the Constitution, with all its archaic, idiosyncratic and downright evil provisions.”

If he gets what he and all Ivy League progressives want, then we can get rid of the Justice, Legislative and Executive branches in one swell swoop and replace it with absolutely nothing. It is the perfect out, out of the UN, out of NATO, out of all treaties as the law meant nothing in the first place. No more archaic drug laws, no taxing of labor, no more property theft for the assumption of more local tax revenue and last but not least no more TSA as it will all be null and void. Now that I think about it, maybe he is on to something.

The Kansas Kracker