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Who ever would have thought that killing kids would be good for business, never thought of the gutter politics the Democrats could contrive in the 21st century. Planned Parenthood is a capitalistic or should I say a mercantile entity that profits off its relationship with the gov’t. After all, there is no free economy and hasn’t been one for the last 100 years. Planned Parenthood thrives from their gov’t supplied income and in return donates to the DNC to stay in business. Their business is death and it is very profitable (per the article about $1600 and change per transaction). Ironically after Obamacare they have some competition, as the HHS is also involved in the Death industry, but on the back end. However, the DNC is smart and they’ve cornered the market and support the death of the unborn via Planned Parenthood and the old via shitty gov’t healthcare.  So to get this right, Planned Parenthood, the DNC/KKK subsidiary kills more unborn children (about 50% are black) and the HHS kills the rest of the old white people whom distrust the gov’t and get a kick back on those who the gov’t promised benefits to that they don’t have ability to pay because of FDR and LBJ (both lying Democrats).

So subjects of the Federal Leviathan, let me spell this out to you, you have been lied to your entire life, from cradle to grave. If you doubt me read The Underground History of American Education John Taylor Gatto, .

or the Fair Tax book by Neil Boortz and then you’ll appreciate why the gov’t wanted to pass this evil Obamcare legislation