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Will the UK’s vote be as corrupted as the US vote? If Cameron and the Parliament let this go to a vote the UK is out of the EU for the better, but don’t trust the counters as this couldn’t be less than 60/40, but after the ‘certified’ elections I’m sure the UK voter will vote to stay in the EU by about 52 to 48.

Don’t worry Jimmy Carter will even put his stamp of approval on the elections, announcing to the world the fallacy of modern day election process. I look forward to this event as Fred on Everything announced in his last column the UK will do what the USA will do. Destruction by internal methods and stupidity and the end result will be a glorious destruction.

Got to love the intelligentsia class as they continue to lead the sheep off the cliff with their made up theories and we continue to follow despite their poor past performances.

Good Luck Western World, you’ll need it.

The Kansas Kracker