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I realize I’m a couple of day late but better late than never as the old adage proclaims for this post. So David Gregory avoids prosecution in his gun clip charade so I ask the world…How does a liberal white Democrat Progressive avoid prosecution when a black man (African American for some) from Anacostia (DC) who would try and pull the same stunt end up with a hard 10? I guess it helps when your own kids are protected by armed guards at the same school the Obama kids go to. The 1% always act in their own best interest and then recruit stupid college kids to act as their brown shirts. (That is a pre WWII Nazi Germany reference for you ignorant folks out there in liberal land)

For you Americans out there it is called the double standard. Sure the liberal white guy votes Democrat and the liberal black man votes Democrat but only Justice is blind to the white guy.  The black guy goes to prison for pot and an illegal magazine clip (both stupid crimes the STATE should not be involved in) and the white guy gets a free pass. I don’t know how we spin that it is the Republicans who did it to the minority, considering they set the black man free, but I’m sure NBC, PSMBC, CNN, ABC and CBS will find a way.

What a f*c*ing country.

The Kansas Kracker