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My heart was warmed to see that former French President Sarkozy was wanting to leave the Socialist State of France. Granted he his wanted for corruption like his predecessor Jacques Chirac. Corruption seems to be a running theme of ex-presidents of the French government but every gov’t official worldwide is suspect, even in the good old USA. Chirac got off, or should I say got a suspended sentence, because he was supposedly sick with cancer but I think it was because he was part of the international elitist club of globalist pricks. These people tend to run in the same UN/Gov’t circles and are never prosecuted unlike the common man for petty theft and drugs.

Now I see why Hoover prosecuted those pesky Italians, they were running the same scams as the gov’t or should I say the gov’t learned and was running the same scams of the Italian/Russian/Triad mafias before them. After all the gov’t and her bureaucracies hate competition.

What we learned here today children is the gov’t and the mafia are one and the same. The Gov’t pretends to hide behind the ‘law’ while the mafia actually has a respectable code of honor. 

The Kansas Kracker