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Leonardo DiCaprio, one hell of an actor, decides he must save Mother Earth by flying around it. One would think after Al Gore sold out to the oil producers in the Middle East this scam would have died. Leo give it a rest, nobody gives a shit as Hollywood, Governments (especially the US, see how the US governments wastes energy from our military, to the plethora of gov’t buildings, to our prick of a president flying to Hawaii and back to DC and back again to sign his autograph on some worthless piece of shit law that was thrown together behind the scenes) world wide and the UN are the greatest contributors to the so called green house effect as they fly across the globe to exotic locals to their ‘Save the World Conferences’ on taxpayer stolen funds while the rest of us peasants toil in our everyday existence.

We hate you all and that is the whole point of this blog that you are all fu*k*ng hypocrites of the highest order. Go get drunk, snort coke, gamble and take a cruise on a private yacht but leave the rest of us alone. You all do what the rest of the world only wishes we could do, but don’t rub it in our faces, as most of us are moral people who don’t exploit the masses.

The Kansas Kracker

P.S. I saw the Titanic to see Kate Winslet’s beautiful natural full breasts and not your acting (you were great in many movies, including the Titanic, but not on Growing Pains).  On a side note…I don’t go watch anything that Calista Flockhart is in because she is so un-natural.