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I love it when I see the tolerant liberal leftist destroy free speech (aka DePaul University which exist in the Liberal Hell called Chicago). These destroyers are the same people who espouse the first amendment and then try to hide behind it and furthermore: put draconian statist restrictions on it (aka speech codes and free speech zones that always exist on college campuses).

This action represents “HATE” speech but since the vandals probably earned extra credit in some ‘humanities’ class and probably  a stipend from Planned Parenthood, then it was an act of great courage and the UN blue helmets won’t intervene on behalf of the unborn. At least the unborn can take some comfort in knowing they did actually vote for the next democrat elected official, whether it was town, city, county, state or federal election.

When I was in high school I was indoctrinated with this statist thought process, I believed a child was a parasite feeding off the host, but then I fell in love and had a child of my own and saw his potential and greatness on a 3D sonogram. I saw the wonders and beauty of life in the womb and the greatness of what I helped create and loved and in that instance I became pro-life. Then I saw his birth, let alone his sister’s birth two years later and realized what love was, what life was and they were one and the same.

This is what the pro-choice crowd fails to realize, that life is precious and they should be thankful that their mom and dad didn’t destroy their potential before they could protest a display on the DePaul campus and support the destruction of a life before it reached its full potential.

Hypocrisy and Groupthink are the precursors to genocide and everyday the world destroys a multitude of great thinkers. The Evolutionist ignore their own training and say that man should dictate society for the betterment of the world and yet they won’t let nature take her course. Instead, they support the destruction of life before it reaches it full potential because it may offer competitive thoughts to their own gov’t sanctioned training.

I just ask the world to open their mind to new ideas, to new theories and ignore the statists of old who profit off our ignorance. The world can love one another but we can’t while the current academic and government regimes are in place who profit off our lack of curiosity.