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Is the Kansas Kracker the only one who thinks it is ironic that the Obama administration and the Devilcrats of the DNC are so up in arms about gun control in the USA, yet they used the State Department, CIA, Military, UN, NATO and God knows who else to arm the Libyan, Syrian, Egyptian and the rest of the ‘Arab Spring’ rebels to rain terror down upon their own populations, all in the name of Democracy (aka Mobocracy)? 

I guess when brown/black people are killing each other no one cares in the whitest corners of the DNC (Clinton, Reid, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, etc.), just like in the DNC/liberal controlled cities in America, like Chicago, NY, LA, Detroit, where there is no MSM press coverage of the daily death toll but why stop them when they all continue to vote Democrat, even in death? The DNC has created what Steven Covey (RIP) called a win/win situation, but it is only win/win for the DNC political class and not the poor saps on the street.  

What Adam Lanza did was horrific and pure evil, but it pales in comparison what central planning governments have been doing since the beginning of the 20th century, with the blessing of the intelligentsia and her apologists (Holodomor) I might add.

America and the world, I pray that you read up on academia and government, since the Progressive Era began at the turn of the 20th C. and her sick sycophants from the NY Times and other global media publications and see their support of repressive regimes worldwide and you may understand the stupidity that has infested not just America, but the World today – God help us all.