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The liberal fascist MSM, like smug ESPN’s analyst Rick Reilly, had their way with Phil Mickelson for daring to say he may leave the communist bastion of California, even though Tiger Woods did the same thing, yet nary a word from the Leninist ‘journolists’ as ESPN. Was it because Tiger Woods is black?. (Shit, at least give these golfers some credit for having or hiring some brains to run their finances. I don’t see you a**holes making comments about John Kerry parking is yacht in RI to avoid taxes during the America’s Cup coverage, hypocrites).

NOTE: The liberal journalist propaganda artist, Rick Reilly, who works for ESPN, progressive media outlet of Bristol, CT, which fired the greatest baseball analyst on Earth, who happens to be black/African American (or was it because he was black?), Harold Reynolds, unfairly I might add (I’m sure MLB network as much as I loved your dumb-ass decision), deserves to be jealous of Phil Mickelson’s golfing ability which has been honed over the years. Also, like Phil, I’m a minority left handed golfer (obviously not as good or you would see me on TV) and I think I speak for all left handed golfers, that we would appreciate if those blowhards in Congress would grant us a protected minority classification. At this point in my life all I want is minority status so I can have a golden key to the treasure chest of political favors. Is that really too much to ask?

Back to my point: The liberal MSM crucified Phil and he quickly repented for daring to question their wisdom and was immediately removed from the public cross of condemnation. Now the cross to bear has been passed to lawful abiding gun owners who only want to protect what is rightfully theirs.

The media tells us nightly and through her propaganda papers that only the government can protect us and we shouldn’t bear this burden at all, as she’ll take us in her arms and caress the pain away. We heard the same cries to take away guns from Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao, who wanted to create utopias on Earth. Ironically, all these individuals and their government created leviathans were supported by Western media and her allies in intelligentsia, gov’t and corporate America in their prime. Really, read the history and you’ll see how Communist Russia, Socialist Germany, Britain, China, France and the USA and their mega corporations and governments agents where interconnected. It might even make you question the history you were told in school. I do pray it does and I highly encourage you to read anything written by John Taylor Gatto, to get a true picture of our history and the true purpose behind John Dewey’s (who went to China, Russia, and Germany) purpose of mass schooling. Hint: it wasn’t to create individuals but rather robots, see the quotes on education at bureaucraticslave.com

I guess Dwight D. Eisenhower was correct when he warned the masses about the industrial-military-complex in his farewell speech. This is a guy who witnessed first hand the horrors of the concentration camps, which all began with yellow stars.

So I bring you to today, we now have a corporate government who created the DHS to spy on all Americans, a ‘homeland security’ a Stasi so to speak, who leaves our door to the South open 24/7 with a blinking neon sign that says we are open for business to anyone from the world who can enter, but makes suspects of all natural born Americans. This is the same government who has reneged on their fiduciary social security/medicare/medicaid promises to the masses and makes enemies out of those who dare question their wisdom of statistical improbabilities. Welcome to America 2013, the land of the government educated stupid and home of the capitulated masses.

To make things easier, maybe the DHS, MSM, Congress and Obama can just pin yellow stars on us who happen to question their proven stupidity. The whole-sale slaughter of populations have happened in the past so obviously they will happen again, so let us just get over with it so the new American Holodomer can begin and we’ll let the intelligentsia and the NY Times cover it up again.

The Kansas Kracker