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I thought that Jacques Chirac was going to go to get a trail and if there was justice in this world go to jail. I know they said his health was too poor for a trial, too bad the average citizen slave doesn’t get such preferential treatment. Now Jon Corzine looks to be more of a witness in the trial of MF Global than the ring leader villain.

What is it about the political super-class and their ability to screw everyone over and never pay for their sins? One would begin to think the whole shebang is one giant scripted theatre play with the outcomes already known, once the proper payouts have been made. Justice is no longer blind, it is a TRAVESTY.

I think the old adage “that laws are only for the little people,” which was uttered by Leona Helmsley, and more recently proves true by the inaction of justice against David Gregory, only all but proves the caste system that exists in our society of the super-class vs. the little people.

The Kansas Kracker