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I’ve followed this poor family’s (Rick, Terri, Ryin and Remington Reese) ordeal via Jeff Knox’s articles at www.wnd.com. The State and her ‘law’ enforcement minions have been on a mission to crucify this poor family and have done quite the job I might add. The State has stolen not just their dignity but also all their inventory and wealth and they still won’t leave them alone. The fact that this charade has gone on this long is a testement to how far the goverment will harass her citizen slaves, to make an example out of those so the sheeple will not put up a fight.

The ATF/DHS sells guns to Mexican cartel members, with the blessing of the DOJ and Eric Holder, and this prosecutor withholds evidence and should be tried for and disbarred for his actions, yet this family still sits in jail.

If JUSTICE is to prevail, this family’s guns, ammo, gold, money and whatever else should be returned with the addition of interest and they should be compensated for wrongful imprisonment.

The Kansas Kracker