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I have no idea why they made this known, but a group of Harvard students got their wrists slapped regarding a test on Congress. Most Poison Ivy League grads don’t know shit about Congress and when they become The President of the US, generally with faux law degrees, it doesn’t matter any way. We’ve had two Bushes, a Clinton via England and BHO and not any of them know shit about Congress so I don’t see the big deal. The Harvard/Poison Ivy League crowd has ignored the Constitution so this group of 60 should be put at the front of the line to the lead the US off the cliff of stupidity. I guess someone in the know realized that these smart people posed a problem to the faux electorial/government system because they posed a threat to the 17th amendment since it is a complete fraud that was never passed, like the 16th amendment.

Maybe the next Revolution has began, and it all started at the same place that started the Progressive Movement that pissed all over the Constitution to begin with. Maybe these people aren’t being punished for cheating but for pointing out the fraud of the academic Poison ivy league system that created Hell on Earth for the rest of us.

A man can dream can’t he, after all, Teddy Kennedy got kicked out of the Ivy League for cheating and he still continued to pursue their dream of bringing Lenin/Stalin to DC while enriching his family and cronies. Maybe Bob Menendez could help us all realize like Teddy about the sexual benefits of being a Congresman while screwing over the people they are supposed to represent.

If it isn’t clear by now, the Gov’t and her supposed representatives don’t represent the people, they steal their money and institute laws that enslave the people they promised to represent.

The Kansas Kracker