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Foxnews has a nice article on an Oregon Baker, Aaron Klien, who is now being bullied by the State; yes the same State who puts out PSAs about bullying. Seems this guy doesn’t want to sell cakes to homosexuals because it is against his religion and own personal convictions. This reeks of a set-up like the photographer couple in New Mexico who also said no to a homosexual couple’s request.

The beauty of capitalism is that people and businesses each have choices and both parties can say no to one another and search out others who can fulfill whatever need is being sought, but of course we don’t live in a capitalist society as that would require freedom of action and not forced obedience.

So the moral of this story is if all the forced State sponsored groupthink schooling doesn’t work and you want to have your own opinions on how to live your life, don’t because the State will bully you into submission and shackle you with red tape until you are enslaved to their forced tyranny.

Freedom and Liberty are only lost concepts in America, circa 2013

The Kansas Kracker