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Now it seems the tax masters in DC want to tax pot. They hate that the States are acting on their own so we may see another civil war, and I say about time. If the States were smart they’d just go ahead and regulate pot but the lawyers guild would be upset as they’d lose a steady stream of income as they can no longer prosecute the minorities for petty crimes. The DNC would hate to see their pet project of the Black Americans not go to jail for pot convictions and enrich the white lawyers and prison guard guilds, but thankfully, as they see it,  the blacks will always vote DNC.

As long as the house Negros like Al Sharpton, Jackson, Emanual Cleaver or any other black politician who are paid to keep their people on the reservation then the DNC shouldn’t have to worry about losing the black vote. When the likes of Harry Reid (Obama is an articulate black man) or Bill Clinton (a couple years ago he (Obama) would have been serving us coffee) promise riches to those who live the good life (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Emanual Clevear, Obama), in order to keep their subjects in check, why should the voting process be questioned.

In reality the whites are just as ignorant. Every race seeems to think the politicians of their own color/race represents thier own interests, but the truth is they all sell us out to a higher global order for pennies on the dollar. I think these people are found when they take required ethical tests in college and when they score so low, they are promoted and funded to the nearest office to support the moocher class. We’ve all been played for fools.

The Kansas Kracker