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The hallmark of the left is to kill the people to save the people. A new book, “What to Expect When No one is Expecting”, proclaims to blow the lid off the “Love of the Left”. I like that, “The Love of the Left,” what a bunch of BS. The left hates everything. They hate themselves for breathing, their children, their gov’t and humanity but never have the balls to off themselves, only everyone else.

Sir David Attenbourough, according to the Constitution Club, said humans are what is wrong with the Earth, then I say go and end your own life you POS. You and Al Gore talk a good game while living the high life but neither of you have the courage to off yourselves to improve the Earth. Prove to the rest of us peons that we are the problem and do the deed and we’ll get back to you in 50 years. If we are wrong so be it but step up to the plate you hypocrites.

Al Gore loves to talk about the trees before he steps on his jet to the next UN global warming summit funded by oil money which bought his shitty TV channel. The UN pricks can do the same to prove to us useless subspecies that we suck by offing themselves first. Please, I beg you, “Do as I say not as I do” mantra the rest of us called humanity are supposed to follow and do it first, if you survive, we’ll follow