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Karl Rove, after leading an inept Republican party deserves to retire. He thinks the Tea Party is crazy but after leading G. Bush and the Patriot Act he thinks he is an American Patriot he should think again. GWB may have had some bonifides but after 9/11 all was lost. Karl Rove is a joke and he should support those who love the Constitution for what is stands for not for what it doesn’t allow the gov’t to do. Obama should be proof in the puddding that Ivy League grads are nothing but a**holes who can’t read. The 10th amendment is the proof that the federal gov’t has over stepped her bounds in every facet of our daily lives.

Our country is so broke because of progressive thoughts and those thoughts have destroyed every university in the US. They all want more money so they say more gov’t is the answer but we are broke and they are still so stupid to say no we aren’t. Why we even attend is a mystery to itself.