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When I read this article on Drudge from WAPO on Monday I about jumped for joy. You all might think I’m crazy that I think some good will come out of the Prince George’s County Board of Education decision to ‘own’ the children’s and the teacher’s products, so please hear me out. First, the school district is acting on Hillary Clinton’s saying of when they walk through the doors we own them (sorry I couldn’t find a link so I’m only stating verbatim) but also her Sermon on the Mound of it takes a ‘Village to Raise a Child.’ In short this school system says they, the children and the teachers, are their property (I’m sure the union is pleased as now they have some competition).

This action, I pray to God, will piss off the parents of America enough to realize the arrogance of the school districts across the land in saying we own the product. We didn’t create it and we tax those who did but we own them, like sheep. The property owners, who are taxed beyond comprehension to pay for schools should now stand up and say OK, you forced our wealth away from us and treat our children and teachers like employees and you own their labor and product, but we are the shareholders and we own you and can fire management at any time. If we follow this train of thought, and this is why I’m for it, the property owners can now kick out the corrupt school board, the principles, the vice-principles, the security guards, the teachers, the unions, the connected contractors and everyone else associated with schools every month or year. If schools want to own labor then they must realize they are owned by us as well, even if the funds are forced through the threat of the State, by law we are defacto shareholders of all public institutions. The true owners of the land, the buildings, the people then are those whom the wealth was stolen from in the first place.

So by their logic, if a public university or a school district actually makes an economic breakthrough, either through their teachers or students, the proceeds should be returned to the taxpayers who were forced to buy shares into the institution by the State in the first place.

Brilliant I know.

The Kansas Kracker

P.S. If you don’t thing schools are about money and kickbacks read this article from the teapartyeconomist, Gary North. We shouldn’t treat our children like chattel of the State.