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Now Styrofoam is the Enemy of the State, Mayor Bloomberg couldn’t let salt and soda cups go now he has a new enemy, and her name is Styrofoam. I’m glad to see the most worstless entities on the face of the Earth, called Government, dictating what we can and cannot do.

I love to see Gov’t officials say we waste resources but they do it times 10. They preach the religion of green energy but then waste it like no one else, they hate CO2 but mandate higher temps in gov’t buildings in winter and lower in summer, they hate cars but want us to drive more for tax revenues as they climb into a SUV for a green summit paid for by the taxpayers. They hate us for hating them, they want us to not question them, they want to be immune from hypocrisy, they don’t want the people to question their worthlessness. Why do we need them? They ignore the law so we should ignore them. Karma…ain’t it a bitch

The Kansas Kracker