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Due to past Democrat actions, the Democrats are now saying we can no longer say Redskins, as they try and wipe the historical events of their past actions. Like all good liberals, society can no longer use Native American terms for sport franchises. This is the result of past guilt of stealing lands and blaming it on Republicans and since Democrats own the textbooks and the unions the idiot government slaves believe it. This is why the Washington Redskins will now be called the Washington Conformists, and RG3 will lead the way to a new beginning.

The Native Americans, like the Jap Americans and Blacks will always support Democrat ideals because of the Stockholm Syndrome as we recruit those who sell out their own people for profit and power. Even though Democrats have always looked upon minorities as inferior individuals, due to gov’t forced movement and action we have no other choice but to support their ideals so a few can enslave the many for political power.

The renaming of a sport’s franchises is just a continuation of the Democrats hatred towards and rebranding of historical events against Native Americans and that is why the Redskin name must go away. Does it matter? Probably not as they and their dead will continue to vote Democrat, with the help of the MSM, because of past promises, but always remember Andrew Jackson was a Democrat and so was FDR, why the Jap Americans and the Native Americans vote Democrat is beyond me, but I think the Stockholm Syndrome has something to do with it.

Now that I revisit this post I think I understand why this happens. The left hates history as it is so it rewrites it and forces it upon the masses via education credentialing. If they can white wash their sins or blame it on another party (always the Republicans), via getting rid of the name or rewriting the textbooks then the sin was never committed. Think the fighting Sioux of North Dakota, which is an ideal we should all embrace. I guess it serves another purpose, don’t fight the Leviathan. The left does this with social security as well. They say like clockwork that the Republicans are trying to harm the elderly and are going to take away their social security, but it was ‘The’ Al Gore with the final vote and the Democrats who said to tax Social Security as Al Gore cast the final vote and the MSM provided the cover, but of course the Dems said we’d never ever tax these sacred payments. It doesn’t matter though, the people are sheep and they believe what they are told and the Dems and their MSM allies know this and the Republicans always fail to point out their hypocrisy and back down from a fight and that is why I’m a Libertarian. I guess the Republicans always listen to their consultants who are paid more by the Democrats who work both sides of the aisle and they’ve failed to realize this for the last 50 years.

The Kansas Kracker (FYI – Kansas is a Native American Term and that is why I use it)