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The government has yet again let down one of America’s SEAL Heros. This guy has seen what no one should have to see and now he is broke, his marriage is falling apart and the military threw him away. I’m really surprised he wasn’t already killed in some sanctioned OP to shut him up. Granted he shouldn’t have quit but we don’t know the reasons why.

Our government spends millions training these guys but then once the deed is done we let them go on their way, yet we let Pentagon Princes play politics, which Eisenhower warned us about in his farwell address?

These guys (SEALS) have a very hard time holding on to their marriages due to their duties, like the politicians who send them off on their travels, but yet they have ideals. Their destinations don’t lead them to fancy taxpayer funded balls, yet they actually do something that benefits society as a whole and those who are in harms way need a better retirement. These special ops people deserve better than what they get and they deserve much better than the politicians who send them off on adventures which pad their global credentials.

I’ve always wondered why GI JOE (SEALS), haven’t recognized that the true threat lies domestically, rather than globally. All they have to look at is the DNC and how they’ve treated the military since South East Asia in the 60’s. Now we have John ‘Swift Boat’ Kerry leading the Department of Defense and why anyone would sign up for a government that supports these Poison Ivy League pricks is beyond me. I love the military and the people that make up their back bone, but they need to start looking domestically for enemies rather than those that factiously throughout the world.